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Cool Ebay find that made this old submariner a happy camper

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I just received this cool Ebay find from Pakistan and I thought I would share it. Ever since I was kid I have been a coin collector but was also enamored with submarines. So much so that when I graduated high school I join the United States Navy, volunteered for and served 6 years in the US Submarine force as a sonar technician. Since leaving the navy I have a small collection of submarine related memorabilia along with my coin obsession. Other than the 2014 Australian submarine force centennial coin (don’t have it in hand yet) this has been the only other coin that I have found that depicted a submarine. So of course I had to have it. The only other submarine pics relating to money are some military payment scripts from WWII which my dad got for me. I just got this today in the mail and it made this old squid happy. Enjoy….





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You may find this interesting. World of coins


Very Cool thread there Joeyuk, thanks for sharing that with me. But DARN, now there are other Submarine coins I need to search out. The ones from the Marshall Islands and the Solomen's don't really interest me as in my opinion they are not real circulating coinage. They seem to put out what ever they think collectors might buy. But there are a few in that thread that are real money or circulating coinage that I need to find now. I also read in Coin World Mag. about one from Ireland that honors Holland. I'll try to get one of those too.


Again thanks for the link!

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I wish I would have seen this a week or two ago - I just consigned a really cool U-Boat medal on eBay. Went for $6.50...


Greetings from a fellow ex-Navy guy!


Hey there fellow squid. I would have loved to bid on that! Anything with Submarines is interesting to me. I'm a cold war era bubble head. Was in 78-83 and the cool thing is now my son is following in my foot steps, he is in the Atlantic Sub fleet now. Deployed as we speak. And a sonar tech too.


Go Navy!




Have a great day


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Beans, Bullets & Oil.... :) I made 9 deployments on the SSBN-656. I have coins from every liberty port we hit except for Wilhelmshaven Germany. We were the first submarine to pull in that port since WWII and the whole town came out and put out a big bash for us. I was drunk the entire time in that port and the only thing I have to show for it is HALF a German navy uniform. YES that is correct. I woke up in my rack the second day fully dressed but wearing HALF a German uniform. I have no recollection of were or how I came to be wearing what I had on. My cracker jack pants and shoes were the only American thing I had on. WHOA there are some wild sea stories from the port call, but most cant be shared here in a public forum. lol! And YES I am so proud of my boy he is making guys like me and you proud. We are in good hands from a navy stand point.

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