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I just picked these up on ebay...

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from some poor sap who let them go too cheaply. insane.gif


The first one looks like a nice upgrade for my type set.


Reeded Edge Half


He indicates that the luster is muted by the tone, but I'm not sure this guy knows how to grade any way. 893whatthe.gif


I probably got ripped off on this next one.


Buffalo Nickel


I bought this one sight-unseen because this guy bumbled the images. I guess the joke will be on me when a junk coin shows up in the mail. Christo_pull_hair.gif


It looks like he's sticking it to me with his high shipping too. I bet he won't even combine shipping on these. frustrated.gif


Well, I started off thinking I got a couple of good deals, but now I'm sure I got ripped off. I may as well neg the guy right now. foreheadslap.gif


To add to my frustration, he doesn't even take PayPal. sign-rantpost.gif













John, just to let you know, your post in the Marketplace got me there to bid on these. You do offer free shipping to board members, right? devil.gif



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Neg him!!! Neg him!!!!!!!!!! That guy is a real-

























ly excellent person I've heard! grin.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gif



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I put a low-ball offer in on the Nickel when it was still rediculously cheap with 1 min to go. I also wanted to try to snipe the half but my 2 year old woke up from a nightmare or something and I had to comfort him cloud9.gif, by the time I got back the auction was over. frown.gif

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It was the rediculously cheap price that got me to watching it. I really expected to either win it much cheaper or to not win it at all. My max wasn't much more that the final price.


The half was the real surprise. I expected that one to go much higher. I didn't bid high and didn't expect to win that one at all. The last few on Heritage have gone over $400. Maybe it was the muted luster.


You can thank your two year old for me. wink.gif I think I've missed a coin or two for similar reasons. I was supposed to be putting my five year old to bed and I told she would just have to wait until the auctions were over.

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