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Jackson Liquidates The Estate Hoard-silver, moderns, some old, paper money

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Okay everyone. I have had several people request I let them know when this stuff was free to be sold.


I will list on this thread as much as I can at this time but since it is so much and with such diverse type of mint sets ( legacy sets, westward journal $10 paper and coins, lincoln commem and coin sets, every silver commem in proof and mint state, canvas bags of state quarters, mint rolls, burnished eagles--you get the gist..lotsa mix mashed stuff)


I ask that anyone wishing to offer for an item without a price--PM me, first come first serve.


Anyone who wants to buy an item at a listed price--PM me, first come...blah blah


Anyone with a question on something I might have ( if it's been minted in the past 20 years I just might have 5 of them)-PM me..


Mainly, I'm easy to work with..just communicate. I accept paypal but you'll do the fee unless otherwise agreed to...shipping we can discuss since some of these items may be weighty or bulky.


I'll accept checks and/or money orders--and no delay for clearance of checks if you are an old trading slabs member or a longtime member here with people who have dealt with you--otherwise I might delay shipping if I don't know you for a few days ( I presume that none of these things are needed ASAP.)


I may also list a few of the items on ebay if they are sitting too long here and then I'll try and provide a link to my seller page......anything else, just PM me and I'll respond quickly. So here is the first few items from the inventory I created......PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE--bundle items, mix and match and throw a number at me--the prices listed are a medium of mint costs and current market aski for mint sealed original items


5 2009 annual proof sets- CLAD with territories quarters, prezzies, 1c-50c $28 each


3 2010 proof sets CLAD.." $25 each "


5 2009 silver proof sets.....Lincoln 4 coins, territories 25c, silver 10c, 50c $42 each


2 2010 silver proof sets.............$40 each


1 2003 proof ASE $48


2 2004 proof ASE $50


1 each of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 Silver Proof ASE $45 any date


5 each 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Clad PF quarters ( 25 sets total)..can be had one of each, all or a single set $8 a set or 1 of each $35




Lincoln Commem Silver $ PF and BU $65


Jamestown AG $ PF and BU $70


Edison PF & BU $65


Franklin..scientist and founding father silver $ PF and BU--4 silver dollars $155 for all 4 or $45 each


Lewis and Clark PF & BU $65


Marine Corp PF and BU $65


Little Rock PF and BU $65


Braille PF and BU $65


San Fran Mint PF and BU $65


First in Flight PF, BU and 1x 50c clad $65


John Marshall PF and BU $65


Vets PF and BU $65


Army (silver dollar and clad 50c in both BU and PF--4 coins $80


Medal of Honor PF and BU $65


3 coin veteran commem 1994


2 coin Nagano Olympics PF $50


2 coin set Vikings ( canada and norway set--really cool but cuni) $30


1998 RFK BU and PF $60


1999 Dolly madison BU and PF $70


2000 Leif Erikson 2 coin proof set--USA issue and cool Iceland issue $80


2000 Erikson BU $30


Library of Congress PF and BU $55


Salt Lake City BU and PF $55


Yellowstone BU and PF $60


2002 US military BU and PF $65


3 1982 Wash silver Pf 50c $20 each


2 coin sets of silver dollar and 50c..........

1988 Olympics $60

1986 statue of liberty $45

1983/4 olympics $50

1987 constitution $50

1989 congress $45

1991 Mt Rushmore $45



1990 Ike BU and PF $ commems $60


2 Wash silver 50c BU $20 each


4 Bicentennial 3-coin proof silver sets $22.50 each


5 silver proof sets in envelopes 1960-1964 $80


5 Ike Pf $'s--( I think these are the single GSA types-I'll check) $8 each $37 all


11 proof sets 1968-1978 ( my notes say mint pack?-I'll check) $88


2004, 2005, 2006 Silver quarter proof sets $25 each or $70 for all 3


2 each of 2007 thru 2010 Prezzie proof Dollar sets $30 for set of 4 or $55 for all 8 sets


2009 Clad and Silver Territory Quarter sets $25 silver and $15 clad


2 2009 Lincoln 4 coin proof sets $17 each or $30 both


2010 silver and clad America the Beautiful 25c sets-first year $25 silver $15 clad or $35 both


okay...this is just the first few pages of stuff from the "proof book"..I'm stopping for now.


Remember, I also have all of the coins that I submitted and got amazing grades on--1997 thru 2007 Platinum $10 coins...small gold PF and MS $5 gold eagles...2008 gold Buffs proof and BU...George Washington Bicentennial $5 gold coins in PF and BU...san fran mint and bald eagle pf gold coins...all NGC slabbed and most are &0 with some 69's...again, just PM if interested in a particular date or the whole set


I'll try and add some prices tomorrow but for now..I will accept all reasonable offers...the executor just wants the stuff sold and to be done with this, but I still want to do right by my step-father-in-law's memory and passion for coins....



OOPS...missed some more proof commems:::::::::::::::::::::


4 coins...BU and PF world cup 1994 $75


1995 WWII BU and PF $70


1996 Smithsonian BU and PF $70


1997 Law enforcement BU and PF $70


1997 botanical gardens 1 coin $35


1998 Revolutionary war-blacks BU and PF $70


1994 US capital BU & PF $65


1993 Jefferson BU &PF $70


1993 Bill of Rights BU and PF $70


1992 Olympics--baseball and gymnast $70


1992 Columbus BU and PF $60


1991 USO BU and PF $60


1991 Korean War BU and PF $60


Again, PM..I have set conservative estimates when inventorying and remeber, everything listed here is in Mint plastic, boxes, coas etc.....



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SOLD---------all ASE proofs

SOLD----------all australian proof sets and Euro sets

SOLD- ASE burnished Silver eagles

SOLD-------- Washington $5 gold commem PF69


re-available are the single year of issue 2008 $5 gold buffalo coins...the MS69 and PF70 coins are on sale for a combined $950 for both--check list values and auction histories and you'll see that the price is several hundred below current values in these grades

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SOLD---all 3-coin silver bicentennial sets

SOLD---all IKE "brown pack" or gsa style slabbed silver proofs


Deal of the day........ 11 Proof Sets from 1968 to 1978 in mint packaging $80


OR 1960 thru 1964 5 years of silver proof sets $80 ( 1962 set is in a capital holder).....OR.....$175 for all 16 sets, the 5 silver proof sets, the early years of the mixed metal kennedy's and the years of the Ike dollars from 1971 thru 1978........$175 total, paypal, MO or check--please add $5.85 for USPS flatrate priority mail box

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