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NTC grading: any experiences with crossover to NGC?

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I just won a coin in an auction that was graded MS66 by NTC, and paid MS64 pricing for it. Either everybody was asleep, NTC wildly overgrades, or I got lucky. Does anybody have experience with NTC?

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I have heard that NTC grades all over the place. The coin my be a '66 then again it might be '62. The few NTC coins I have seen look to be over graded.

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ntc coins need to be sight seen

from what i have seen and the experiences of others that have expressed their opinions to me on coins that they have seen in ntc holders


could be 66 65 64 63 63 62 61 60 59 58........... etc


a geninue original coin?? maybe ,,,,, maybe not


also might be enhanced by means outside of the mint to make the coin look better/worth more for example cleaned whizzed overdipped retooled etc etc


maybe just maybe it could be a nice solid for the grade 66 with good eye appeal


but that would be rare


but again not seeing the coin who knows? i guess you will know when you get the coin


sincerely michael

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