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2014 Clad High Relief Kennedy Low Grades and High Auctions posted by LJRambo111

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2014 Kennedy D SP69 Auction hits 2,550.00 on Ebay


I purchased my 5 sets of clad Kennedy's and bought two sets at the ANA Chicago show. I was very lucky to get a 2014 P SP69 and a D SP68 from NGC. I was really surprised to see how low the grades were in the population report.




Acorrding to NGC's population report there are only 18 sp69's with a P mint mark and only 11 sp69's with a D mint mark. I had a tough time finding this population report because they are under the PF sets.




One auction I saw on Ebay went to over 2550.00 for the 2014 Kennedy SP69 D.






I'm baffeld why someone would pay this much money for a $5.00 clad Kennedy. The US mint still has a limit of 5 sets per household, but I'm sure they will lift the limit soon. What happens when the limit is lifted and people grade a bunch of these coins looking for a high grade? Am I wrong wondering why someone would pay $2,500 for this coin?






Worse yet Anacs has graded 1964 sets f the Sp69 kennedy's for their first day label. NGC's population must be close to the real percentage of 69's but people are scarfing them up for 300 a set. Scratching my head. Are people just buying coins without doing their research




Am I wrong feeling that once the limit is lifted NGC will get a bunch of these coins graded and the population will incease for the SP69's?




Why would anyone put creedence in ANAC;s SP69 sets? Really 1,964 sets for their first day label? I'm sure a cross grade would show different results.




Is ANACS getting more like ICG now?


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I think the Pops might be low because people just don't see the value in getting these graded. If they continue to sell for big $$, more people will send in their sets for grading. Of course, that will put a lot of downward price pressure on this coin.


In general, I agree with you.

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