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VAM Experts Need 1878 7TF VAM-120

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I just picked up this coin and think it is a VAM-120 but not sure so I am looking for some VAM experts to help me out with identifying the coin.


It has the doubling on the obverse P and the number 1 in the date. The most of the letters in E Plurbus Unum look like they are doubled. The R really looks like it was doubled and then some. There is at least one spike under the eyelid and some die frag to the left of it. The only thing that doesn't match a VAM-120 is the doubling of the stars.


On the reverse the O in God is closed and the R in Trust complete which is consistent with the B2A die and what was reported to be on a VAM-120. However there is doubling on the motto to some extent but most noticeably on the R in trust.


At first I thought this was a VAM-168 or 166 but the reverse does not have an broken letters in the motto. I also thought it was a VAM-187 but the L and N on the obverse are not double. I know there are many different die varities so I need some VAM experts to help me out.






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Did you post your question and photos, or only search the listings? There are several knowledgeable VAM people who post here. Maybe one of them can help.

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VAM-121 it is. I went to ANA show in Chitown and sat with Brian Raines for an hour or so. Needless to say I got a good education on the realm of VAM and error coins and without saying I bought some coins from him so I can do some homework...lol


Thanks for all the help everyone....you guys are the best!

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