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1950-S Quarter - Doubled S or just my bad eyes?

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Not sure if this is the right place for my question, but thought I would start here. (Newbie to these boards, so please cut me some slack regarding my question and photos.)


Anyway, after nearly 50 years, I have finally started cracking open some of the Whitmans from my childhood collecting days. The most recent coins in most of the books are from 1965, so that is about the time I apparently moved on to other interests. I am generally unenthusiastic with what I see, but I am taking a look at just about every coin (and it is a lot of coins so I should be occupied for a while).


This coin is well worn, but under magnification the "S" appears to be a clear doubling. I haven't been able to find any varieties that describe an "S" doubling that looks like this, but I also don't know where all to look. It also doesn't look like any of the S-over-D varieties.


Any opinions about what I am seeing here or where I could research this further? Thanks!







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Hello, and welcome to the forum.


I thought someone more knowledgeable might have answered this for you by now but I will do what I can.


First; I am inclined to see that as being 'machine doubling' and not true doubling. However, I can not see much of the reverse in closeup. It is what it is. Not trying to knock your photo. Better than some.


I assume, by your post, that you looked at the photo of the FS-501 RPM listed here in the VarietyPlus section and now you are looking for alternative sources only for future possible finds.


There is a lesser variety listed HERE for the 1950-S/S with the description being the MM is repunched to the east. There you will find the diagnostics to look for on your coin.


The Double Dies for the 1950-S Quarter are listed HERE, once again with the diagnostics and description, however, I do not believe any of those lists the MM being doubled.


The main web site address is http://varietyvista.com/index.htm


See if any of that can help on this coin, as well as future coins, as you go through your collection. Good luck!!! :wishluck:




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