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Found a New Honey Hole for Toners...

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I love finding shops where I can buy nicely toned raw coins without paying huge premiums for the toning...


The Franklin was $29.00 and the 76-D JFK is part of a larger wall hanging set with a couple of other coins including a 64 JFK and a 67 40% JFK. The entire set was $20.


For me its more fun in making the coin then buying'em slabbed. Anyone else love chasing raw toners and getting them slabbed ?


Here are some of the latest examples...













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Fun pickups! :applause: Congratulations!


I like buying raw toners too. Generally these days I keep them raw.


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For me its more fun in making the coin then buying'em slabbed. 76_D.png



I wanna know how to make them lol


For how much fun I have finding them.. making them would be a blast... jk. this subject could use a little humor most the time so there you have it.


For me lately, it seems like there has been a very wide selection of coins like this available in my area, I don't have a problem buying them already slabbed, but I have a riot making them too...... it is a good feeling to go find a raw toner, be able to apply what you have learned about toning, and then successfully get it into a holder. I love that game.


I also want to say, that your 76D Kennedy, is probably the nicest rainbow toned clad Kennedy I have seen.... congrats...

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Thanks everyone... the 76-D is my favorite as well. It was in a Lincoln/Kennedy Presidential wall hanging set made of plastic with a cardboard insert/holder.


All of the other Lincolns, JFKs and two medals were untoned. Only this one was toned and I think it was because this coin was directly in front of a small hole in the plastic allowing for airflow around the coin.


@AHFreak - I think airflow is the secret to nice rainbow toning. Of course you need the sulfur containing holder - be it an album, cardboard aftermarket holder, envelope or plastic holder -- but without airflow there's no toning. Most of the toners I have cherry picked always seem to be close to a slight opening or access to air. Even for the coins like your proof dime that went bad, when I find those in Capital Holders, they are always near the edge of the holder or the holder is not tightened down all the way allowing for a crack between the plastic layers.


Try this experiment. Get a Capital Proof/Mint Set holder and put some coins in it. Dip/wash the coins before you put them in so all surface contaminants are gone. Then before tightening down the screws put little shims made of broken flat toothpicks between the layers of plastic all around the holder. This will allow for some airflow. Drop them in your home safe or SDB. As along as there is a source of sulfur ie.,paper/albums, in the safe/box watch what will happen over several years.


Obviously there is no guaranty that they will all tone but if you do this with a bunch of different Mint/Proof Sets you will get a few really nicely toned coins in a short period of time (a few years). Doesnt matter if they are clad or silver.


The two variables that I still havent figured out though is humidity and heat. I wonder if higher humidity and heat will create more/better colors. Most of the toners I see come from either hot places and or humid/hot places. Cool weather doesnt seem to create toning though.


Okay flaw away and call me a coin doctor now... lol.

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