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Another round of Taler images -- Part 2

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I received another batch of Talers a couple weeks ago to photograph (17 this time -- from a well known board member here). Yet again, it was a real joy to see them up close and try my hand at imaging them.


I've posted them in chronological order by date below. Happy viewing! Some amazing eye candy for sure!





































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EVP and BRG - seems like a cemetery here, doesn't it? Where is everyone?


Agreed, so maybe we can make more of an effort to contribute? I've been in a dry spell lately with coins, but can try to put more time here. The forum software is nicer here.


It only takes a spark to get a fire going. And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing.





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It is always a ghost town here. People on this side of the street seem to only post in the US Coins section. I haven't really purchased much of anything lately...been on a bit of a dry spell (self-imposed though). I am hoping come July/August I will be able to get back in the swing of things...


Thanks for your replies EVP and Zohar. Here's hoping to hear more comments here besides...







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Here's my contribution to this thread:


1603 Taler, Dav-5848, from the Teutonic Order. The dude is Maximillian I, HRE and Grandmaster of the Order.


This coin is not rare, but is conditionally scare in upper grades. And, while I think the coin looks ok in the image, I think in hand it looks to have a little bit more pop. Given the raging nationalism in Russia now, I can't help but think how fickle history and politics can be...


(I've posted this coin before, but maybe not here. The image is not by brg5658, so don't criticize him if you don't like this image.)



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Oh yes. I remember you buying it @ CNG with Greg at your side. Very choice piece for the type which for some reason is evasive is high grades. Many minted, few survived this nice. The wear generally shows on the Grandmaster's face as well as that Lion on his left - in this one, it is very nominal.


Now you need the 3 Taler type.

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I can talerate looking at beauties like this all day long.


*taking cover*

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