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1964 Accent Hair Kennedys AVAIL!!!. Any other fanatics out there???

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Hello. I am an Accent Hair "freak"... (hence the name)! My obsession has left me with several awesome Accent Hair Kennedys. The Accent Hair Kennedy is a relatively common coin, it is not however commonly found in spot free, high grade. finding them in high grade cameo's can be especially difficult. Deep/Ultra Cameo Accent Hairs are actually very scarce and incredibly hard to find in pretty much any grade. -if you have any of those avail. Id love to chat.


I am wondering if anyone here is interested in any AH Kens, I have pretty much any and all grades available and am open to all possibilities. for something like an Ultra/Deep Cam AH, although I do not currently have any in, I believe I could find one in a relatively short amount of time if that's what you are after.


If there is any specific AH you are after, maybe for a registry set... I believe there is a good chance I have it. I could make someone here a great deal on the one you are looking for, I am also open to any/all trades -as long as it's coins or coin related.


A few of the notable 1964 Accent Hair Kennedys I currently have are:











I also have pretty much whatever available grade you might be looking for in regular 1964 Kennedy proofs as well.


Here are a couple on Ebay that I started at .99 w/no reserve, that are ending tomorrow.


1964 Kennedy proof, PF67 UltraCameo Ebay ending Sunday 5/11


1964 Kennedy proof PF69CAMEO Ebay ending 5/11


If you are looking for any 1964 Kennedy proof AH or not, please let me know and we can discuss prices, and/or trade possibilities! Thank You.

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