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Crossover question and feedback on electronic submission

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When submitting a coin for cross-over, does the grader have the exact invoice that I submitted with the coin in front of him/her so that he/she can read the "minimum grade" off the invoice or is there some other method whereby the grader obtains the "minimum grade" information (i.e., some internal function within NGC, pull it up on a computer screen, etc.)?


The reason I ask is that I submitted a coin via your electronic submission process (i.e., print the form from the internet) and was suprised that there was no separate place to list a "minimum grade." I had to write it on the invoice.


When the coin was not crossed, I became concerned that the grader did not cross the coin because he/she was working on the assumption that I wanted the coin crossed only if the "minimum grade" was greater than or equal to the current grade. An employee told me that the graders always have the invoice in front on them when the grade a coin. Is this true?


Why is their not a field on the electronic submission for "minimum grade" so that such information can already be in your system and I will not have to write it on the invoice?



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Your best bet is to call Customer Service directly if you need further clarification of the electronic process. However, I will say that the invoice does not accompany the coins for crossovers or any other tier as it would no longer be an anonymous submission at that point. With crossovers, we use something we refer to as a "traveler" which is a document that follows the coins giving the graders ONLY the information they need, which would of course include a submitters minimum grade. Hope that helps.



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