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The Other Side of the Coin by Electric Peak Collection

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What's to tease? I already wrote that it's cracked; well, the dies were...


Here's the obverse of the 1868-S half dime I "won" in Heritage's auction of the Bently collection last week. As I wrote last time, both dies were in pretty bad shape. Like the reverse, the obverse shows several cracks, mostly at the top - opposite the most obvious cracks near the bottom of the reverse. It also has areas of die bulging and flow lines.


In addition to the issues with the dies, the coin has a number of marks on it. Some are pretty obviously contact marks - a few small scrapes. There are also a number of ticks, especially on Miss Liberty's right arm (left side of the coin). That being one of the high points of the design, I'd like to think they are planchet imperfections that were not struck out. One would have to examine them very closely to be sure. In any case, they do affect the eye appeal a bit. Regardless of these problems, it is still a nice coin and I am glad to have it.


Being a Baltimore area resident, I'm planning on attending the show later this week. That is, if I can get away from work. My team is preparing for some important testing of JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) hardware and software in the not too distant future, and I have deadlines to meet... I had requested vacation months ago, but now plan to work partial days on Thursday and Friday. And I'll be doing some work tonight after finishing this journal.


I still have not even come close to paying off the home improvements, but obviously have continued buying coins, including yet another yesterday in a David Lawrence Rare Coins auction. Thus, I probably will not get anything pricey at the show. If I have the time, I plan to spend some time looking for interesting die states in circulated coins. I'll let you know...







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Hey Coindude, Thanks, but can you teach me to fish?
I actually took a screenshot of the picture you linked using lightshot. It's a pretty neat app and easy to use. I uploaded it and opened the link. After that I right clicked on the picture and selected "view image". I copied the link, pasted it here and put the image codes to directly show your picture. in front and at the end of the link. There are a lot of other ways to skin this cat, that's just the way I did it since I didn't have the original picture. Photobucket works well and if you copy the direct link code, you can just paste that here.
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