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Support the collector link to eBay HELP please

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Im not computer literate; I have a hard time with copy & paste and cannot use the clipboard. Can someone give me detail instructions on how to make one of those support the collector links to their eBay listings? Thanks in advance to whomever, I really appreciate it.



Cost: priceless

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1)First go to the web page you want to link to.

2)copy the URL (at the top where the page address is), Highlight the whole thing or select all.

3)Right mouse click the highlighted address and click copy.


*Now you can right click anywhere in the CS message box and click paste, that will leave a link.




4)go to the CS board and make sure your in full reply screen mode.

5)go to the top left and click on the earth with a link icon.

6)In the text box right click and hit paste. (make sure you dont use the HTTP thats already there.

7)a new window will pop up that you can use to name you link.


If you need more info, or if im not to clear, send me a PM.

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THANK YOU ALL! I think I've got it, finally. This place is great. Amazing really, this is the only place I've found that people are so giving of their time and knowledge without expecting anything in return; hell when I pay for advice I don't get this much assistance.

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