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Message from JT Stanton (The Cherrypickers' Guide)

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Hi Spooly,


Well, things are starting to look up, hopefully. I have only one more chemo treatment next Tuesday, and after that a very minor surgery. I can't wait.


The reason I'm writing is this. I tried to post to the CU site, but obviously my account is dormant. I've written a note trying to become re-instated. I do plan to become more active, especially now that I've sold my Internet site.


Just so you'll know, and if you could post something to this affect this weekend, it would be very helpful. As a result of the sale of the company, my primary objective(s) are completing the second volume of The Cherrypickers' Guide, and I'll also be getting Cherrypickers' News started again either this month or the first of March. I was hoping in January, but as the chemo went along, I continually got weaker and weaker, which I was not prepared for.


I am very, very excited about The Cherrypickers' Guide. I think the second volume will be larger than the first. Especially the VAM section, which will come close to or even over 100 listings, many of which are new and unpublished anywhere. Jeff Oxman has been very generous in his help.


But also I am still looking for new varieties to add. Yes, there is still time, and I want this booknto be greatly well worth the wait. If anyone has varieties that they feel should be included, I'd like to hear from them. The best e-mail for them to contact me at will be stantonbooks@aol.com. Again, I would very much like to hear from anyone who feel they have a worthwhile variety to add.


Also, I am very excited about Cherrypickers' News being alive and well again. There will be a lot of new varieties listed, and most of those are very, very exciting. If anyone wants info on subscribing, they can drop me a note.


Also, any subscribers from previous subscriptions will be honored, and 1 or 2 issues added to their subscriptions. If any former subscribers want to update a mailing addres, now is the time.


Thanks for your help. As always.




J. T. Stanton

P. O. Box 15487

Savannah, GA 31416-2187

E-mail: stantonbooks@aol.com or jtstanton@aol.com



It's good to hear the JT is feeling better! If any of the members here want a subscription to the Cherrypickers' News please give JT a quick e-mail. I can wait for the new The Cherrypickers' Guide (Part 2) book!




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cool!! Glad to hear is getting better! smile.gif


If you talk to him, let him know the gentelman that bought his company (cant think of his name now) is keeping up with the great service! I received an order a couple weeks ago, and the service was just as good as ever. smile.gif

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I have an interesting Seated Half Variety that I would like to mention. It is an 1845-O, No Drapery, O/Horizontal O (FS 002.5). So far, NGC has only one specimen graded (an AU58 coin), my specimen. I would guess that this coin is not unique, but just unresearched. It might be interesting to include this variety in your book.


Also, I have not kept up, but I assume that you had cancer. Congratulations on your progress. I have been in remission for 3 years (since last December) after intense radiation treatments. As a former cancer patient, I wish you all the best with your recovery.


I have included a scan of this Seated Half for your viewing pleasure.

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Thanks for the post Spooly. Glad to hear that JT is up a bit and feeling on the mend. Hope it continues in that direction!


I love the cherrypicker info! smile.gif I will be looking to subscribe!



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