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Since I have been photographing my stuff with my new lighting setup....

I still need to solidify my macro results for shooting the varieties but will hopefully do that soon.


I hope to buy a 1931-P Mercury in MS67FB and upgrade my 1931-D Mercury DDO to MS67FB....one day! It's only money. ;)

These will work for now though.


Post your stuff from 1931! :)







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Greg, I can tell a large difference in the sharpness and luster in your images! Nice work with the Jansjos!


I don't have any 1931 coins...sorry...

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Thanks guys! The 31-D DDO and 31-S DDO I got for absolute steals which makes me happy.

As for the Joshua II 31-D, I am buried in that for life as I paid the highest price ever paid for a

31-D in 67FB. I will say it is much nicer than many examples I have seen, thankfully. Maybe

I will break even in 20-30 years. lol


I'm happy to finally get good photo of the Joshua II. My previous attempts and the auction

photos never did it justice.


Since I will never own them, I'm disappointed no one has chimed in here to post 1931 or

1931-D $20 Gold in high mint state. Where are the high rollers when you need them? ;)

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Nice coinbuf. Now we just need the P and D Lincoln followed by the 31-S Buffalo and 31-P Merc to put together a full virtual mint set. :)


And then if the reclusive high rollers could show up with some gold... ;)

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