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Just received my CNG Triton XVII newps

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Finally got my CNG Triton XVII lots today. Clearly I'm not a priority customer. ;)


Why do CNG use gray-scale digital photos? Full color digital photos would be so much nicer, but also tougher to image.


Lot 942:




AUSTRIA, Salzburg (Fürsterzbistum). Paris Graf von Lodron. 1619-1653. AR Taler (41mm, 28.35 g, 12h). Dated 1623. Popken, Salzburg 1097; KM 87. In NGC encapsulation graded MS 64. Toned.


[A very handsome piece. Colorful and flashy. I can see why this is a 64, but I can also see this as a 63 or 63+.]


Lot 949:




AUSTRIA, Salzburg (Fürsterzbistum). Guidobald Graf von Thun und Hohenstein. 1654-1668. AR Taler (42mm, 28.69 g, 12h). Dated 1661. Popken, Salzburg 1109; KM 162. In NGC encapsulation graded MS 62. Toned.


[A very attractive coin, and can easily be a 63.]


Lot 956:




AUSTRIA, Salzburg (Fürsterzbistum). Johann Ernst Graf von Thun und Hohenstein. 1687-1709. AR Taler (42mm, 28.82 g, 12h). Dated 1699. Popken, Salzburg 1128 var. (date); KM 254. In NGC encapsulation graded 62. Toned.


[The planchet is a bit curved; common on minors but less so on the heavier pieces. The convex side (with the arch-bishop) is a bit flat on many of the high points and has muted luster. The concave side (with the prince), however, is very nice -- 63/64-quality!]


Lot 1077:




ITALY, Genova. The Biennial Doges. 1528-1797. AR Diciasettesimo di Scudo laro (18mm, 2.07 g, 8h). 3rd Phase. Dated 1715-FMS. Cross pattée with stars in quarters / The Virgin, head crowned by seven stars, seated right on cloud, holding scepter and cradling infant Christ. Cf. CNI III 11 (for type); MIR 303/5. EF, traces of toning.


[This was a mistake purchase; it's a tiny coin, about the size of a hammered penny or denier. It does seem to be a very well-preserved piece, FWIW.]


Lot 1329:




ITALY, Venezia (Venice). Pietro Grimani. 1741-1752. AR Scudo della croce (44mm, 31.30 g, 8h). Francesco Pasqualigo, mintmaster. Struck 1741-1742. Ornate cross fleurrée with central rosette; pellet at end of each bar; leaf in each quarter; mintmaster initials in exergue / Nimbate facing half-length Lion of S. Marco, forepaw supporting open Gospel, within shield frame; value in exergue. CNI VIII 7; Papadopoli 15; Paolucci 12. EF, toned.


[This is an exceptionally attractive and choice piece. It is very lustrous, and I really can see this as either an AU58 -- which would be a crime -- or a 63/64 -- which would be a huge score!]


Lot 1405:




SWITZERLAND, Kanton Basel-Schtadt. Basel. AR Doppeltaler (49mm, 50.85 g, 12h). Dated 1741. Basilisk standing left, holding coat-of-arms / City view of Basel; eight coats of arms and BASILEA in frame above, cornucopia in exergue. Divo-Tobler 739; Coraggioni –; Davenport 1749. Choice EF, toned, adjustment marks, small flan crack. Struck on a broad flan.


[if you look beyond the flan crack and adjustment marks, you will see a lightly toned, mark-free and extremely flashy/lustrous piece. This coin is ridiculously nice despite the crack and adjustment marks -- which is common on these double talers.]


Lot 1431:




ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of All England. Harold II. 1066. AR Penny (18mm, 1.30 g, 6h). Pax type (BMC i). Wearwic (Warwick) mint; Thurcil, moneyer. Struck 6 January-14 October 1066. + HΛROLD REX ANGL•, crowned head left; scepter before / + ÐVRCIL ON PEΛRPI, PΛX between two parallel lines. SCBI 2 (Hunterian), 1213 (same dies); Hild. –; BMC –; North 836; SCBC 1186. EF, superb deeply iridescent patina. Exceptional strike and state of preservation. Portrait of excellent style.


[This is my white whale. It is far more deeply toned than the image would suggest. Totally original-looking. Love it!]


Now... anyone want to buy a kidney or three? :D



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