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BN designations on circulated grades

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Hello. I posted this in another forum but got no responses, so i'm asking an expert because I think this is confusing phenomenon.


I've noticed coins under XF with BN (brown) designations attached with the adjectival and numerical grade. For instance, I saw a VF 25 BN Australian penny. Aren't all grades under XF going to BN? I mean, there is no chance for a RD designation at these grade levels because no original luster is present, which is seen on XF coins (some of the time) and above. So that would mean that either all coins below XF are BN, or just XF, i would think. Lastly, does this BN designation in lower circulated grades tend to detract from the value? I know this is the case with mint-state coins, as I've been told this numerous times when selling mint BN coins to dealers. Thanks


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  • Administrator

Thanks for the question. Yes, all XF copper coins will receive the BN designation -- virtually all circulated copper coins will receive the BN designation.

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