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1851 Seated Quarter posted by TylerNorton

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As you have read in the heading, my most recent addition is the below-pictured 1851 Seated quarter. I've been thinking about a Seated quarter set for quite some time now, and I finally took the plunge. About a month ago, I bought a raw 1854 Arrows at a small shop in central PA. After posting the coin in the "Hey buddy can you spare a grade?" section on the boards, it seems that everyone who replied agreed on AU55. That coin goes to NCS tomorrow to remove some small PVC spots then to NGC for grading.


The addition of the raw 1854 quarter got me thinking about my plans for the new Seated quarter set. I have decided on attempting the set in all circulated grades. As many as possible will be in AU, and the others will be in lesser grades depending on price and originality. Right now, you're thinking, "this kid has no idea how tough that set will be." To you, I say: yeah, you're probably right... Enough about the quarter set, and take a look at the picture below - it's a great looking coin that I was sold on when I saw it.


I was going to bring up the collector/dealer interaction, but I looked through the journals/boards and decided not to beat a dead horse.


I hope you are all doing well!





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