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1981 coin 1 rupees posted by pinku

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I assume very rear collection is a typo, but it is fun to think it came from the very back of a safe somewhere down a long corridor. Also what is up with people making posts with little to no information and also no picture or meaning. Posts should have to meet some requirements. Only to not waste hard drive space on a server somewhere, or overwork some transistor on a chip that makes it wear out early.


I know literally nothing about rupees can someone shed some light on this post, are there any 1981 1 rupee coins that can be considered rare? or rear :banana:

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First and foremost, WELCOME to the journals, pinku!


As to the journals themselves and has already been pointed out, there are no "standards" as to how much or too little to write or what must be in the journal itself. However, there are certain things that most of us here expect. in general. Things like a story line, a photo, grade of coin, where you purchased it or found it are common fodder.


As a member here I have to apologize for the previous two comments. Guys come on! We have a brand new member to our group and the best we know how to do is trash his very first journal. I do agree with your sentiments but shouldn't we be accommodating and and helpful to new members and perhaps even someone in the beginning of their numismatic pursuits?


We all started from scratch on this journal and in our collecting hobby. When each of us started we DID NOT and still do not know everything there is to know. I know for a fact I don't and don't pretend too, even with the Lincoln and other cent coins I pursue.


I truly hope we have not lost a new member and friend on their first try.


Again, welcome pinku!


Michael Prescott

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