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1870 NGC AU58BR (Pickaxe variety not noted on holder $410.00

1889 SEGS MS63RED, cleaned, nice loking $65.00

1897 PCI MS62 environmental damage, nice looking $35.00

1903 PCI MS63, cleaned looks like a proof $35.00

1904 PCI MS63, cleaned looks nice $30.00

1905 Net PF50, ANACS,corroded, cleaned, in reality very nice looking $65.00

1906 PCI MS64 questionable toning, nice looking $45.00

1943-S PCGS MS66 PROOFLIKE coin!!! $30.00

1946-S PCI MS68 (no way) $10.00

1959-D NGC MS64RED $8.00

1959-D NGC MS65RED $12.00 each (two coins available)

1960-D NGC MS64RED large date $8.00

1960-D NGC MS65RED large date $12.00 each (four coins available)

1960-D NGC MS66RED large date $24.00 each (two coins available, 11 graded higher)

1962-D NGC MS65RED large date $12.00

1964 NTC PR69CAM $5.00

1967 PCGS MS67RED SMS nice coin $25.00

1968-S PCI MS64RED, strike doubled, problem free $5.00

1969-S PCGS MS64RED $8.00

1983 PCGS MS65RED nice coin $9.00

1983 PCGS MS66RED $14.00 each (two coins available)

1983 NGC PF69RED UCAM nice coin $9.00

1985-D PCGS MS65RED $8.00 each (two coins available)

1985-D PCGS MS66RED nice coin $13.00

1996 PCGS MS66RED nice coin $10.00

1996-D PCGS MS65RED nice coin $7.00

2002 PCGS MS68RED nice coin $27.00



1865 PCI EF45 environmental damage Breen 2413 $29.00



1913 SEGS MS64 Type I, SEGS, doubled profile $48.00

1938-D Jefferson NGC MS67 nice subtle rainbow toning $92.00

1939 SEGS MS65 T-2, 5 steps/ticks $25.00

1940-D ANACS MS66 nice toning $25.00

1943-P NGC MS67 nice reverse toning $33.00

1944-S NGC MS66 great reverse toning $30.00

1945-P PCGS MS66 Benson $30.00

1945-D PCGS MS66 Benson $26.00

1945-D PCGS MS65 Benson $20.00

1947-D ICG MS67 Nice toning $40.00

1950-D ICG MS67 $30.00

1955-D NGC MS64 $15.00 nicer than the grade suggests, one nick from FS

1965 NGC MS66 $29.00 (not SMS coin pop 4/1)

1967 PCGS MS65CAM SMS nice coin $16.00

1967 NGC MS67CAM SMS nice coin $48.00

1980-S NGC PF67UCAM nice coin $5.00

1983-S NGC PF67UCAM nice coin $5.00



1941-S NGC Small S MS64 PL (all noted on holder, a real PL Merc) $80.00

1945 SEGS MS63 50% FB $35.00

1947-S NGC MS66 $15.00

1953-S SEGS MS65 $10.00

1957-D NGC MS66 $13.00

1959 NGC MS65 $10.00

1960 NGC PF67UCAM very nice $30.00

1967 NGC MS66CAM SMS $21.00

1967 PCGS MS67CAM SMS $32.00

1969-S PCI PR65 $5.00



1916-D/D RPM-1 VF det. net F12 ANACS, corroded, cleaned $20.00

1925 SEGS MS63FH Questionable toning (was in ANACS prob free holder) $230.00

1941 NGC MS64 $28.00

1943-S SEGS F15 DDO-1 $70.00

1951 PCGS MS65, toned $30.00

1952-D NGC MS65 W $28.00

1953-D PCGS MS65, $28.00

1960 PCGS PR66 one sided cameo $18.00

1962 PCGS PR68 one sided cameo $33.00

1967 PCGS MS67CAM SMS $48.00

1967 NGC MS67 SMS $28.00

1972-D NGC MS65 $15.00

1977-S PCGS PR69DCAM $15.00

1978-S PCGS PR69DCAM $15.00

1983-S NGC PR69UCAM $12.00

1984-S PCGS PR69DCAM $15.00

1986-S PCGS PR68DCAM $11.00

1996 PCGS MS64 uncentered broadstrike $40.00

1999-S PCGS PA PR68DCAM $14.00

1999-S PCGS NJ PR69DCAM $17.00

2000-S PCGS MD PR68DCAM $14.00

2000-S PCGS SC PR69DCAM silver $17.00

2000-S PCGS NH PR68DCAM $14.00

2000-S PCGS VA PR69DCAM $17.00



1876-S SEGS AU50 WB-102 cleaned $75.00

1936-S ANACS F15 $7.00

1946 PCGS F12 DDR $25.00

1960 NGC PF67 (looks cam) $28.00

1962 PCGS PF67DCAM $150.00

1963 NGC MS64 great peripheral toning $16.00 each (nine coins available)

1963 NGC MS65 great peripheral toning $25.00 each (three coins available)

1966 NGC MS64 SMS slight cam $10.00

1966 NGC MS65 SMS slight cam $17.00

1966 PCGS MS65CAM SMS $30.00 each (two available)

1967 NGC MS66 SMS looks cam $19.00

1967 PCGS MS66CAM SMS $30.00

1971-D NGC MS66 pop 10/0 $17.00 each (two available)

1972-D NGC MS66 $16.00

1972-D NGC MS67 $48.00 POP 6/0

1978 NGC MS65 $16.00 POP 3/13 looks better



1884-O in Casino Hoard holder $30.00

1891 SEGS MS61 nicer than the grade suggests $55.00

1891 SEGS MS63 artificial toning (hard to say rather dark, nice toning on one side) $62.00

1897-S NGC MS63 looks PL $70.00

1921 SEGS MS63 very PQ $30.00

1978-D NGC MS65 PQ $20.00


I'm posting it on both boards. Shipping $1.50 for up three coins ins. optional. if you want to buy a larger group let me know so I figure out shipping rates.

Thank you

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1925 SEGS MS63FH Questionable toning (was in ANACS prob free holder) $230.00


Why would anyone cross an ANACS coin to SEGS? What was the ANACS grade?

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