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N.H. coin Expo

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Well I attended the coin expo this weekend (Thurs-Sun). It was not a bad show if you were looking for type coins. There was not much in the way of my type coins (toned morgans). There was a good mix of dealers (100-120?) of all types. Paper, gold, type, exumina(sp), coppers, A dealer with two nice cases full of seated dollars. Just a nice mix, something for everyone.


I was supposed to go to the ANA grading seminar, but work screwed me up. BigD5 (Darrin) went to the course and said it was cool. I'm sure he will comment on it later when he has time. I will say this about Darrin, He had the busiest table at the show. Two or more people at his table at all times.


I met Fountainheadgold at the show on Thursday night. He also took the grading course. I asked him if he was going to be around for the weekend, and he told me he was leaving on Sat. We made a date to meet up on Friday morning and I would show him a few boxes of my toned Morgans. I know he likes to look at toners so I brought a few along to show him (or is it show off?).


I met a few other members, tonelover,Mr.D and some who's board names escape me at this time (oldtimers problems) I'm sorry. I really did not find much of anything to add to my collection. I did pick up a few toned unc. Lincolns for my "fooling around with Lincolns set, while I wait for great toned Morgans". Some pretty sexy ones that can be had for very short money.


I also had first shot at a really cool medal with awsome colors in its original leather holder with felt lining inside. The medal had great colors. I went today, to see if the dealer wanted to sell it as he was not sure on on Thursday night. He told me if I was interested he would let me buy it. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the show and someone came up to me and told me had just bought this cool medal. Well, live and learn I guess


By the way Tom Bush, where were you?????????????

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Howdy TD, it's nice to read your report. It also sucks to read about that medal that someone else bought. It's time to reevaluate your relationship with that dealer.


I had to miss the show as I have a patent submission deadline next week and was swamped with last minute details to wade through. Most of my posting here in the evenings this last week was done while at work. There was no way out of it. frustrated.gif


I'll be going to tomorrow's Parsippany show but that is only because I am taking my wife and daughter to visit "grammy". In the evening it will be back to work.

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A very busy couple of days. I was extremely busy on Friday, and busy again on Saturday. Not as hectic on Saturday, but actually did a bit more business by the time the doors closed.


I enjoyed meeting the few other board members that were able to attend.


I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Need some sleep. smile.gif

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I did purchase a very attractive York, but that was scooped up very quickly. I really didn't find any other DECENT looking examples that tickled me enough to make me buy them.


Someone did show me a gorgeous Connecticut, in an ngc ms/66 holder, but it wasn't for sale. Very pretty.


There seems to be a bit of higher demand out there right now for Commem's too.

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