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Help - Small Piece of Fathers Coin Collection Found

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Hello all,


I'm a comic collector so am usually on the CGC comic forums.

Yesterday I visited my Mother and she handed me a small

box that she had found of my Fathers coin collection.


He passed in 1991 and was basically just a hobbyist / investor

and mostly bought silver and gold proof sets, but also picked

up some random coins that he would find here and there.

(sometimes in his pocket change!)


I have done some research online and being a collector of

comics for a lot of years, I understand about condition, etc.,

I have no illusions of getting rich off of these, but would just

like some opinions and info from people that really know

about coins. I'm particularly perplexed about the one cent

coin in the upper left.


Please check out the pics. If you click on the pics

you should be able to go to my photobucket gallery and zoom in

on the pics for a closer look. It should work, but let me know if it

doesn't and can post bigger pics.


Thanks for looking and appreciate any info.





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The flying eagle cent is a nice find. Like you said, condition is key, and the better the condition, the more its worth. That being said, its nice to get a variety like your father had. A rough estimate of value of the silver is around $50 in pure melt. In a little better condition that flying eagle could easily be worth $50 or more. People with more knowledge on values should be able to give you a better idea.


Cool gift in any regard!


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I completely agree with PennyGuy. You would probably have at most $75 worth of coins there. Keep them as a fond momento of your father.


Good advice to keep them as a memory of my Dad. He was a

collector of random stuff, antiques, coins, etc. This was another small

box of his stuff that my Mom found and gave to me. I do have most of

the pieces that he accumulated.


Thanks for the replies.

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