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1806 8 Reales Lima Peru

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Have been wanting an 8 Reales for a while so in Jan I put it on my 2013 list of coins to get. Didnt really have a certain one in mind just pretty much bust with the pillar rev. So after about 6 months Brg pops up saying he found my perfect 8 reales. Sadly it was newly listed on the bay BIN and I was broke. He was nice enough to secure it for me while I got the money together. THANKS AGAIN!!! and I guess he also saved me on shipping to have the photos taken. (dang he takes awesome photos)

By far one of my nicest coins I own.


1806 8 Reales JP Lima Peru.

So how do I classify this coin. My understanding is it was minted in Peru for Spain. SO should go under Peru or under Spain?

I have read the history on Charles IV but couldnt really find anything on the Lima mint or the process of making these so any other info would be great.


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It's important that it goes under Peru because various Spanish possessions in the New World each had their own issues of coinage, similar with subtle differences. I have three Mexican pieces of eight and they look very nearly the same.


None of my three are slabbed, and all are chopped (one has about a dozen chops per side) and worn. Since they won't fit in a cartwheel dollar flip, they have to go in saflips. Which means that for those deserving, they can be taken out and held in the hand--and people find that very compelling.


What I really want is a doubloon, and if gold falls much farther, I'm going shopping for it.

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