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The Buffs Are Back by Iowa Silver Baron Bammer

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4 as expected, 1 a major disappointment


Hi All,


First I want to give NGC some well deserved kudos. I sent 5 buffalo nickels in 2 weeks ago today on my coupon. They came back to me today (Monday, 6/17), yes it's still Monday here in the heartland as I write this. This was way quicker than I expected, so a big THANK YOU to NGC.


OK, now on to the grades. As I said in my teaser, there are 4 of the 5 I am really happy with.


1916 bought raw as a 63 -- final grade 64

1928 bought raw as a 61 -- final grade 63

1935-D bought raw as a 55 -- final grade 62

1936 bought raw as a 64 -- final grade 64


Now for the BIG disappointment!!!!!!!! I had a 1937-D that I could have sworn I cracked out of a PCGS holder, but I cannot find my paperwork for it. You have probably all guessed what happened, yes you are right, came back UNC details, improperly cleaned. I guess I should not complain as I have had 2 buffs come back to me well above what I bought them for, the 35-D was up 7 and the 1918 already in my set was about the same. I think I am going to use this 35-D in my custom "Wild, Wild West" set.


Pic for this entry will be the 1928.


Since I am writing this journal, decided to address another issue. A few years ago, I got into a discussion with another member here, he was trying to tell another person and me (concerning Sac dollar sets) to always buy 70's get the best set you can etc. etc. My reply at that time was it is our money to spend as we please, and if we want 69, so be it.


This is a way shortened story of course, what I really wanted to get at was how (at least with Numismedia FMV) prices for modern 70's are dropping big time. I have my coins listed in an inventory program (Exact Change if anyone is looking for a good program to use) and I regularly check FMV to update the pricing info in the program.


Some of the proof Sacs have dropped (since I bought them) over half. I see the later state quarters are doing the same thing, although not to the degree of the Sacs yet.


However, I noticed older coins (you know the ones, 1964 and before) are staying steady, and a few have risen.


The reason I bring this up now is this. I think everyone here know I like silver (and gold). I really think I am going to sell my Parks quarters and some of my state quarters. A few of the state quarters will go into my custom set.


Ok thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Thanks for reading.



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