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Who wants to see a COOL civil war token?

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I just secured this one earlier today. I've looked long and hard for one of these. Yet another for my Monitor collection. grin.gif


I haven't dug through my book to get the "Story" on this piece but it is supposed to be Extremely rare and not truly a CWT even though it was listed as such for some time.


Maybe Bill Jones can chime in!



edited to add some info I found in a book I have.


Most specimens are holed at the top. ALthough listed by Fuld as a CWT, it is my opinion that this medalet, as well as the other iron pieces listed here, was struck well after the end of the War. Shortly after its famous fight, the Merrimac was sunk; it remained underwater until after the war. Starting in 1867, when a wrecking company recovered the iron ram from the vessel, several efforts were made to raise it. Finally, fifteen years after the battle, the remains of the ironclad were recovered. Numerous souvenirs were made from iron and wood portions of the vessel, and they found a ready market in those area residents who vividly remembered the event.



I'll also add that this is 25mm or about the size of a quarter.

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This token was once listed as a Civil War token. Upon further research it was determined that the piece was struck circa 1907. As such it is among the "deleted varieties," but CWT collectors still go after it. It has an interesting history.


The piece was made from salvaged metal from the armor of the Merrimac or “Virginia” as the southerners prefer to call it. The Southerners purposely blew up the Merrimac in the spring of 1862 when it become evident that she was about to fall into Union hands. None of the metal from the Merrimac was recovered until 1867. Therefore since by definition all Civil War tokens must full into the 1861 to 1864 era, this piece cannot be a true CWT.


On page 227 of the Patriotic Civil War Tokens guide by George and Melvin Fuld, it states that this piece was probably made for the Jamestown Exposition by the Old Dominion Iron and Nail Works of Richmond, Virginia. In addition to this piece Old Dominion made a number of other souvenir items. One of them is this little horseshoe, which is mounted on an advertising card. Here's an example that is completely intact. I own this piece, but my Merrimac token is easily the worst piece in my collection. It is in Poor condition with honors. Things have just never worked out for me to own a better one.




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I betcha that some brillo pad and ajax would clean that sucka up real purdy like. crazy.gif


I really enjoyed the history shared, too. Thanks a bunch!

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Is anyone still interested (pretty old thread) in obtaining one of those Merrimac tokens?  I have one from my late father's collection that I am willing to sell that is in pretty good condition, considering the age and the metal.





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