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Dream coin GONE? posted by The Wells Collection

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A coin I would love to have was purchased and removed from the census.


I spend some time on the census and I am always on the lookout for coins that exist but have never came up for auction. This coin spent some time on teletrade at a buyback bid of $17000 and noone bought it and after teletrade got rid of their sellers fees it went all the way down to $12337.50 with the buyer premium and it sold.


Now when you verify on the ngc website it says deleted and it is no longer on the census. By looking at the pics it is a very nice coin and in my opinion is deserving of the UC grade. I am sad to see it go and am curious how/why it happened.


Check out the teletrade pic.



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yes I was watching this coin myself, But it was still out of my reach.

I'm pretty sure I would not have sent it to pcgs . But If I could afford the coin maybe I could afford to take some chances with the coin. I guess you would have to walk it though and take your chances. It is sad to see a top pop with a pop of 1 leave the censes

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Thank you for having my opinion, it makes me feel less crazy.


I guess only time will tell on this one, Only 1 25c 1950 PR68DCAM exists and it is in the EBL III collection. I keep the strangest data but from time to time it proves useful.


This coin looks amazing, especially the reverse. VERY strong Ultra Cameo.


If another one pops up in the registry well then we will know.


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I also fall into the group that was watching that coin on Teletrade and even when it was offered in Stacks and Bowers auction last November. That was an impressive coin for any collection, I thought the starting price was always too high when compared to other quarters in the 1950's. Yet population 1, with nothing better is an amazing coin.


Do you know or does anyone know how a coin is officially removed? was it re-graded by NGC or did the owner say he has it now in a different holder?

Very sad to see it gone. I was a bit worried that Mr. Wells had grabbed it to make the big jump in Washington proof quarter registry. :)

So who is this EBL III can we ask him/her what happened to that coin? A lot of us would have liked to have said we have it. Sounds like this now means, no one can? :(

Thanks for the info on this Mr. Wells!

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