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Do I still need to pay for evaluation?

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One of my coins I had graded came back with a message on it that reads:



This NGC coin, cert#:


has been evaluated by NCS

and is a good candidate for

conservation. Contact NCS

directly at (866) 627-2646 for

information on how to submit

this coin for conservation.


Do I still need to pay for evaluation when I send in this coin?

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Thanks for the question.


The stickers that are placed on the coins only suggest that the coin may be a worthwhile candidate for conservation. If the coin is submitted to NCS it will still need a thorough evaluation and will be charged accordingly.


The sticker means that we see something on the coin that may be suitable for conservation. Perhaps the coin has a few spots, haze or tarnish that may be worth having conserved. It does not mean the coin will definately be conserved as a much more in depth evaluation of the material on the surface and the underlying surface conditions will need to be conducted. And it most certainly does not mean we think the coin will upgrade if conserved--we are not fortune-telling when we put a sticker on a coin.


The sticker is provided to assist the submitter and let him or her know that if they want the spots, haze or tarnish etc....removed that NCS may be able to assist them in the matter. Not all coins with tarnish, spots or haze are given these stickers, rather we select only those coins that we feel will more than likely benefit from evaluation and conservation.




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