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Japanese Genroku Ichibuban 1695?

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Hello! Thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to lend in identifying this neat little coin I found buried in a storage locker in southern california. It was in a coin sleeve that had this written on it:


A.D. 1695

Genroku 1 Bu Kin


The coin weighs over 4 grams, and it measures: 10mm x 15mm x 2mm

There is a very small X stamped on the very edge of the coin along one of the long sides.


From my research so far I it looks to me like it may be a: Genroku Ichibuban (1/4 of a Koban). I know that there are coins with almost identical designs made during the 1800s but from what I could find of those they all seemed to be of a much lower weight (1-2g).


Is there any good way to date these coins to know when in the 1601-1695 range they were made?


Finally, since it is my intention to eventually sell this - does this piece merit grading by a professional third party grader or simply need to be kept in a nice protective case?


Thanks very much,






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I would identify it as such:


JAPAN Bu, Ichibu FR# 24a (1601-95)


VF 2800 USD, XF 4200 USD


If your coin is genuine, it's worth a fortune. You should take it to a professional coin shop to get it authenticated. If it's not a fake/reproduction etc, you should get it professionally graded.


This is my own honest opinion.

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Thanks for the speedy reply Chris! I have updated the photos with much crisper ones. Is there a clear way to determine the very similar coins made in mid-1800s from their earlier counterparts?


Does anyone have any recommendations of someone in Southern California that may be able to help authenticate it? I've called several shops and they all referred me to other shops etc...

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In your third image, there is a character in the top right corner, which corresponds to the NGC page listing that variety from 1601-1695 as having a character in the top right corner. I don't know if the mid-1800s varieties were made with that same character in that same location, but it would be a good starting point for further research.


I live in Denmark and cannot recommend any Southern cali coin shops - hopefully somebody comes by who can!

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I live in Denmark and cannot recommend any Southern cali coin shops
I live in Orange County, and I'm familiar with a lot of the coin shops, but there are none that I could recommend for authenticating your piece.


I can recommend a shop in Tokyo, if you're interested.


I'm not at home right now, but when I can I'll compare your photos with the JNDA Catalog, and report.

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Okay, I've found what appears to be your coin in the Japanese Numismatic Dealers Assn. catalog, where it is listed as Genroku Ichi Bu-Ban-Kin; but it is dated 1695-1710. It weighs 4.46g.


The 1601-95 Keicho Ichi Bu-Ban-Kin weighs 4.43g, and has three varieties, none of which match your coin.


In the condition shown the JNDA catalog value is between roughly $4,500-7,000.



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