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Best way to sell...

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Hi all,

I just got here smile.gif

My Grandfather and I collected coins for years. Several months ago I inherited his collection - literally thousands of coins. I have:

98 Mint sets

105 Proof sets

66 Large Cents (Raw G-XF)

43 Eisenhower Dollars (Raw AU-BU)

89 Wash Quarters (Raw VG-BU)

Complete album of Kennedy halves

2 Complete Mercury dimes (1 w/out 16D, 42/1)

97 Circulated Morgans in 2x2s

...and I'm just scratching the surface.

I need to sell some but I'm not sure what is the best way? Ebay? Consign to an auction? Coinshow?

Thanks in advance!

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I would think some of the coins should be certified. 2 merc sets 1 with no 16-D? That sounds like you have a 16-D in the other set. There are so many counterfeit 1916-D Mercs you really should have that one certified, if authentic it would be worth much more in a holder. Perhaps some of the large cents are also tougher dates? Any key date Morgans? They should be certified as well.


If the proof and mint sets are from the 60s and more recent just sell them on eBay along with the Ikes, JFKs and Washingtons. Some common dates in very circualted condition might be useful as spending change.

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It sounds like your grandfather has passed away, I am sorry to read this.


As for the coins, you likely have an idea as to those that are key dates and those that are common. You probably also have a RedBook or some other guide. Given that, I would agree with the advice that you have already been given and that is to have the '16-D Merc certified by any of the major grading companies (ICG, NGC, ANACS, PCGS) before you offer it for sale. As for the other coins, there are individual Morgans and large cents that are worth considerable money and you should have those individual coins certified, too.


If you would like to sell off some of the bulk that you might not be interested in, then you would do well to go to a coin show and walk around with the material and ask for offers. Please have an idea of what you would like for the coins, first, as this will save everyone some time. If the material is generally common then ebay and coin shows are your best bet. If truly rare, then auctions might be better.


You might even do well to list what you have for sale on boards like this one.

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Hi all,

Thanks for the replies...and thanks to Gallagher for all the PMs

I agree with the certification of the key dates. When they come back, I'll start selling them-except for my 1856 flying Eagle smile.gif I guess I should start cataloging what I really have huh?

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