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Common "scarce" variety misconceptions (3CS and 3CN)

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Don't believe it when a seller states:


"This 1862/1 3CS is a scarce overdate variety of 3CS."
Nope...quite common actually. However, you might want to keep your eyes open for more dramatic variations of this. Also, of note, analysis done by some 3CS experts state that it's not an overdate. Whatever is "under" the "2" is more akin to a die scratch.


"This 1875 3CN with the "1" in neck is the scarcer variety."
It's not, it's actually about as common as without. Look for the sub-variety with the "dot" between the "8" and the "7" and both sides will always exhibit clashing.


I've seen these statements appear even on reputable dealer sites. Most often, you see this stuff (over)stated on eBay auctions.

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Years ago the Type III Silver Three Cent piece that I had my collection was the 1862 over 1 variety. I bought it in an auction as the normal coin and only discovered later that it was the other variety. I think that it is really no more scarce than the "normal variety."

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