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Numismatic Detective - The Hula Dancer and the Changing Volcano posted by DrDarryl

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Volcano Discovery for SC50C collectors


Not to worry, my Day 108 rant will be posted later...


As I was checking my hoard of Hawaii Statehood SC50C (aka 2MS-4 and 2MS-5, as defined in the NGC sanctioned and approved referenced book) I made a discovery.


I was performing a NGC 68 to NGC 68 comparison to improve my grading ability (I was also comparing my NGC 66 and 67).


WAM BAM, it hit me. I saw a shifting volcano.


As the pictures indicates. Focus on the hula dancer's head. Then look at the volcano placement. Her forehead matches the "original die" volcano. Her chin matches the "reworked die" volcano. Notice the change in the slope's angle.


When focusing on the right sided volcano on the "original die", the slope's angle is steep. On the "reworked" die, the slope's angle becomes less steep and the volcano has gained structure.


There are other traits of this "reworked die" such as less detail in the clouds and the waves. The waves have taken a clumpy position.


In the picture the left is the original die.



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I agree with your observations regarding the differences between the two dies. Your scholarly posts on these obscure medals have been quite informative and I am a big fan of your Custom Sets.


Please hold off on any further raves and give NGC an opportunity to make things right for you. While I understand your frustration continuing to rave about the problem when NGC has offered to make things right is not very productive and is becoming a bid irritating even for your supporters.


My experience with NGC is that they have the best customer service in the business and will make things right for you if you give them a chance.



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