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US Coins For Sale Here:High Grade Certified,Seated,Errors,&More!New Coins=7/30

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Well I finally got alot of my coins for sale into one thread,mainly due to problems with the company that hosts my website.I couldn't upload pictures,add new coins,delete sold coins,etc.So until I can find a new website hoster that I like and get my website set up, I'll be ttt'ing this thread daily.I hope to be adding new coins daily to this thread as they come in from various auction,want ads and other purchases.I have walked many miles as both as both a YN & "poor" collecter,I can assure you that all customers will receive the same amount of attention regardless of age or wallet size.I are ready have many satisfied customers on the boards and would like to add many more to the list.I want your return business and will work hard to get it!Thanks for taking a look at what is offered for sale and if there is anything that would be of interest to you;you can contact me by clicking on the padlock on the top left of the page to send a PM,call me at 727-323-0183(please no earlier than 10AM& no later than 10PM eastern time),or you can e-mail me at: h_tubs@yahoo.com


Want List Service

I specialize in all seated coins and if you don't see what you're looking for here contact me and I'll try to get it for you.

Why to contact Hayden Tubbs with you're want list:

Many satisfied customers,

Fast service,

Personal attention to all your collecting needs,

Will look for any coin(s)$10 and up,

Strong relationships with many noteworthy dealers,

All collecters-dealers served,

See your coin before you buy it-high quality pictures,

Qualified customers receive coins on approval;

So contact me today!



Personal check,bank check,or money order are accepted.Personal checks must clear,usally 15 days.M.O.-bank check orders shipped within 24 hours.Sorry no credit cards or paypal are excepted at the time.Prices subject to change.


Shipping&Handling fees

$3.50 S,H,& insurance added to each order up to.A higher fee may be added to larger orders,due to wait or insurance value.For smaller orders of 1-5 coins under $50 total a double stamped SASE may be enclosed, however the Postal Service will not insure it.We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of orders shipped in a SASE.All orders will be packed with care.If you want your order shipped via Priority or Express mail contact me for rates.I will also ship to foriegn countries,contact me for rates.



All coins graded according to strict ANA standards.All coins are nice problem free examples for the grade unless noted.If we feel that a certified coin is overgraded we will list the the correct grade in the description.


Return Policy

10 day no questions asked return on all certified or raw coins& currency in their original unopened,undamaged holders.Coins removed from their holders are considered sold.Please make sure you pack the coins securely as we cannot be held resonsible for loss or damage due to Postal Service carelessness.Insurance is recomended.Refunds mailed within 24 hours of receipt of coins.



I would be willing to trade any of these coins for seated coins.I'm mostly looking for problem free,original coins,but may be interested in problem coins.Please contact me with what you've got to trade and what you want.


Recent purchases expected soon:

Plenty more Barber type along with "V" 5C, high grade certified coins-including many PCGS-NGC MS-69,PR-69 commems,100+ seated half dimes included several certified MS-62 or better,and plenty of seated 50C included several AU examples.







1909 VDB ANACS MS-66 Red PQ+ $175

"Wow! blazing red,a high grade Unc. example of this controversial 1 year type coin,spot free"

1937-S PCI MS-67 Red PQ++ $105

"another beautiful flaming red lincoln"

1943-S NTC MS-67 $35

"Looks more like an overgraded MS-66"

2000-S ICG PR-69DCam $22

"spotless red"



2000-S ICG PR-69 DCam $25

"blazing white Deep Cameo"



1998-S Silver ICG PR-70DCam $69

"Double Wow!A PERFECT coin!spotless white"



1959 PCI MS-66 $79

"Even light gold toned beauty!"



1944 PCI MS-65 $259

"Mostly white luster,with light golden hue!Bold strike and graded right!Scarce in MS-65 and above!"

1945 PCI MS-65 $209

"Lovely very light golden luster,with bold strike and graded right!Scarce in MS-65 and above!"

1945-D PCI MS-65 $209

"Icy white luster with a hint of gold near bottom of obv. rim.Bold strike and graded right!Scarce in MS-65 and above!"

1960 ICG MS-65 $129

"Full white luster!"

1961 ICG MS-65 $139

"Full white luster!"

1963-D ICG MS-65 $69

"Full white luster!"

Columbus Commemorative 1992-S NGC PR-69UCam $29

"Full white,Ultra Cameo!"



1973-S Clad ICG PR-69DCam $139

"Wow!Scarce!Mostly white!Spot free!"




Seated Liberty



1854 A/R VG $36

"Breen 3069,date overlaps rock.Rare variety!"

1854 A/R AU $135

"A+ example for type or H10C collection!"

1857 XF $59

"sharp and problem free

XF-45 $95

"deep original golden grey color with toned over luster.Sharp and problem free!"

1861 ANACS MS-62 $239

"Wow!Nearly full white with blazing luster,quite nice for the grade with very few marks"



1839-O G $17

"problem free no drapery type coin"

1841-O XF $75

"nice no problems!"

1845 G $13

1857 G $13

1872 F $18

1874 VG-10 $16

"5+ letters of LIBERTY"

1875-CC MM below VG+ sold

"nice CC piece no problems"

1876-CC F sold

"nice CC piece no problems"

1876-CC VF $20

"VF detail but cleaned with larger scratch under O in ONE"

1877-CC F sold

"nice CC piece no problems"

1877 VG $15

1884 VF-30 $24

"Deep original grey color"

1887 G+ $7

"Circular scratch on Liberty"

1887 AU $80

"beautiful piece,full luster!"

1890 VF $20

1891 VG $15

XF $28

1891-O VG $15



1875-S VG $95

"A very original twenty cent piece"



1853 A/R G-AG $6.50

"2 1/16" long cuts @ 4:00 & 6:00"

1853 A/R AG+ $12

"Almost full Good but weak rims"

1853 A/R F $27

1853 A/R XF $150

"Scarce high grade example"

1856 F $28.50

1857 G $17

F $27

1857-O VF $41

"handsome coin"

1858 VF $40

" nice type example"

1875 VG $7.50

"Harshly cleaned"

1877 VF $40


1888-S VF-20+ $49

1891 F $27



Raw US



1853 VG $29.50



1866 VF $19.50



1893 F $16

1903 G $1.50, VG $2.50

1906 VF $10.75

1907 G $1.50

1911 G $1.50, G+ $1.75

1914-D AG $25

"Acid treated date(don't know what this is?PM me),plenty of detail with easily readable date"

1917-S G $15

"Acid treated date,full G detail,easily readable date"

1920-D VG $12

"all 4 digits readable"

1921-S G $25

"Acid treated date,full G detail,easily readable date"



1898 G $2

1901 G $2.40

1902 G $2.75

1907 G $1.80

1908 G $2.10

1912 G $1.80

1913 G $1.80

1913-S G $15

1914 G $1.80

1916 G $1.80

1916-S Barber G $1.85

1916 Merc.VF++$7

"almost XF"

1921 AG $24.50

"key ,bold date"

1935-D XF $7

1945-S MS-65+ $25

"Mostly white with a hint of gold"

1956 PR-67 $18

1959 MS-65+ $4

1996-W MS-65+ $19

"White Gem,very rare modern Roosevelt!"



1909-D XF $75

1930 F-15 $7

1932-D AG $60

"Key date,bold date & mintmark"

1963 MS-63 $4

bright white"

1964 MS-65 $20

"bright white"

1964-D MS-65 $25

"bright white"

above 64 P&D pair MS-65 $40



1934-S VG $4

1937 VG $4

1941-D F $4

1942 VF$4.25

1943 F $4,

MS-65++ $169

"Wow!Full white blazing luster!"




1907/7/7 cent,VG,Snow 7,triple repunched date,$22


1907/7 cent,VG-10,Snow 9,double repunched date,$20


1940 D/D BU+ Brown South $8


1949 D/D MS-65 brown N.N.East $6


1951 D/D MS-65 brown South $8


1951 D/S rare MS-63 brown $45


1953/3 cent BU R&B,doubled digit $7


1953 D/D cent South,XF,$2.50


1953 D/D west, MS-63,$5.50


1954 D/D high north,MS-63,$5


1955 D/D Southwest MS-63 $4.50


1955 D/D South MS-65 $5


1957 cent BIE MS-65,rainbow toned, "I" like blob between B&E in LIBERTY,$10


1957 D/D South BU $4


1960-D/D RPM#50 Gem BU,$2.50


1963 cent BU no I in LIBERTY,$11


1964 cent,ANACS MS-64 Red,Double Die Reverse,Breen 2242,FS#1c-026,$85


1970S/S cent,ANACS MS-64 Red,RPM#1-North,small part rainbow toned,$20


1972-S cent,Double Die obv.,BU+++,CONECA#MD-5-0-1-CW,$5


1854 Half Dime,VG,Breen 3069,date overlaps rock,$36


1935 D/D/D F-12,nickel,triple RPM,FS#5c-??,$25


many more coming soon




1882 cent,G,end strip error,make offer


1918 cent F,rev of coin blank had defect before coin was struck,$14


1953 cent,VF,Imbedded foreign object top left wheat stalk,make offer


1960 cent,BU,clogged lower part of "E" in America $2


1927 nickel VG-10,1-8th" lamination from 12:00-3:00,nice $10

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Just a constructive comment. You might want to delete those update posts and just ammend your current stock in the origional message, then put the the date updated at the top of you post. It's kinda hard to know what's available otherwise. JMO

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Just a constructive comment. You might want to delete those update posts and just ammend your current stock in the origional message, then put the the date updated at the top of you post. It's kinda hard to know what's available otherwise. JMO



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I have a set of 1861 coins in both MS and PF. I upgrade when possible. I am currently missing only the proof cent to complete a proof set from cent to $1.00, my mint state set is complete from cent to $20., I do need upgrades for $3 and $10 coins. they are both AU58's. My dime in proof is a 61 that I would like to upgrade to at least a 63/64. Let me know if there is any help.

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NGC won't let me edit my post anymore and I lowered some of my prices,so contact me if you're interested in a coin(s).

Also new addition:

1837 half dime G $28

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