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UUUGGHHHH! Just got my NGC Grades!

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Some of Montgomery's observations maybe right! Or RM and his grading staff is hitting those PCGS holders hard.


I just got the results on my 1st real submission to NGC.


All were (nicely) toned Peace $ Of the 6 submitted to cross @ any grade, I had 5 that crossed and 1 that did not. Of the 5 that did, 3 were PCGS and 2 were ANACS. ( 1 ANACS coin was submitted raw). The lone DNC was a SEGS.


Of the 3 PCGS coins 2 were downgraded 1pt. 1 did cross at the same grade. As for the 2 ANACS both crossed at the same grade.


Overall, I don't care. This isn't about $ or registry sets. I like my coins and will probably never resell them. But I just wanted to share.


Looks like its getting harder on this side of the street. Well I guess that's why the brought RM in. All those 70s are going to be worth something now!



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