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Each and every year, a Gold Eagle coin shows up in the Salvation Army kettle collections. This has been going on for well over a decade. Whomever it is, is very cleaver in hiding it when putting it in the kettle as bell ringers never see it at all.

This person does not do it at the same location nor same day or date of the holiday season. Hence he/she/they remain annonymous.


What a great way to pay it forward. Obviously this person is somewhat well to do, for he/she/they feel it's better than putting in two bucks or so.


This year is probably my year to pay it forward, not with a gold eagle, but a silver eagle or for me personally, it will be a American Veterans Disabled for Life commemorative silver dollar.

This is because I am a disabled veteran and I have about six that would never make 69 or 70, so why not. They will get more than two bucks, a coin they can cash in for about $28 or so.


You see 15 years ago our city totally flooded and the Salvation Army was there with hots and a cot. (hot food and a place to sleep). We (my wife and I0 give alot throughout the year to the DAV, PAV, and USO. They all need a hand, but of course it's impossible to give to them all.


But this year it will be a silver coin. Annonymously.


PS. I make this a challenge to all NGC members.

I look forward to some members experience if you do so.


As always thanks for reading my stuff, and of course look at my sets.


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Great idea! I always love hearing about where the first gold coin appears. (I believe it was New York this year). That is something I have always wanted to do, but it is not within my price range right now. However, I like your idea of a silver coin, but would a 1 ounce coin fit through the slot of the bucket?


I'll let you know how I do.




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