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THE REPLACEMENTS ARE COMING! posted by Wissahickon Collection

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What Took You So Long?


I completed my set of Barber Quarters on January 18, 2007, and wrote a journal entry about it. In June, 2008, I sold my 1915-S MS-63 NGC quarter. It was a lustrous, well-struck, white coin with light gold tint. So why sell it, you ask? The coin had a small spot on the obverse that just bothered me. Whenever I viewed the coin, my eye always focused on the spot. So, I sold it and began looking for a replacement.


15-S is not a rare date, so I thought, this should be a fairly short search- FATAL WORDS! After a couple of years searching in vein, I asked a couple of dealers to join the search party. When I say searching in vein, I do not mean combing through unacceptable candidates. NO INDEED- I did not spot a single uncirculated example!!!


What is taking so long?


Last week, while reading the NGC Chat Boards, I came accross a thread in which a collector was praising a dealer for providing a needed coin. The name sounded vaguely familiar, but I had no knowledge of the dealer. I went to his web site, and noticed he had one Barber Quarter in stock. I clicked on it, and there it was- a nice 1915-S MS-64 PCGS.



It was Thanksgiving eve, and I was on my way out the door to do some errands, so I did not call. But I repeatedly looked at the coin Wednesday night and all day Thursday. Finally, Friday morning arrived, and I called: Yes, it is still available. The coin description was good, and we confirmed payment and shipping terms.


THE REPLACEMENT IS COMING! It is about time; what took so long?


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