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NGC Slabs

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As a poster to both NGC and PCGS forums, I've noticed quite a few comments concerning the thickness of the material NGC uses to hold the coin in the slab.


It has been pointed out that as the material doesn't vary according to the coins thickness, there is an issue circulating that this allows for the "hiding" of a coins third side and any damage it may have there.


As I only have Jeff nickels in NGC/PCGS/ANACS slabs, I can't speak for other series, but even with Jeffs being as thick as a half dollar, they still sit within this material you use that is thicker then the coin, thus a factual basis for concern.


Has any thought, interest or consideration been done by NGC toward varying the thickness of the material to suit the coin being slabbed? Also as it isn't a clear material, any thoughts about this? Is it possible that a second ring of clear material only as thick as the coin being slabbed be used?


Lastly, it is also circulating that it is a possibility NGC doesn't look at the rim and/or use its condition in grading. I'm quite positive you do, but for the record, I think your posting it would help quell this misconception.


Thank you for any response.




PS: As a side note, I know that this "rubber-like" material is mass produced for you. Many people have preferences regarding the color of choice as a way of enhancing a particular metal. Any thought to offering submitters their choice of color? I would think it would require nothing more then a dye added to the mix to accomplish this.

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Hi David,


First, I would like to dispel any myth or urban legend that we do not grade the rim and edge of a coin. In fact, many of the pieces that we do not holder are for rim issues, i.e. rim filing, dings, and damage.


At this time we do not plan on changing the color, thickness, material, or inner holder parts used. We feel that our current holder is the safest in the industry and provides the best long term protection available at present.




Andrew Vickery

NGC Grader

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