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Old coins under the floor

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I was helping my sister with a new floor in her house and under the old one we found these 3 coins.

can anyone identify them?


first one. and sorry for the bad pictures.








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Please.. i really need help here.

i have been looking for weeks now.

my info is so far.


Nr 1.


date 1630

name on coin "Wolff Lavffer" maybe V is U ??

i think other words on coin is German.

the date side says "Gelt macht sck.... maybe sckseck.


Nr 2


name on coin "Wolf Lav... maybe lavfer

head side letter.. XIIII DG FR?T REX.


Nr 3


Head side letter.. LVDXV DGFR??R

other side.. DAT ??VCVS QUE??? maybe QUECON

under leaves text FF W.H.H


it think the 2 first coins is jetons made in nuremburg.

but far from sure.

can you help with some info on these?




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Well --- just a guess, but #1 might be a reformation token. The obverse inscription "Geld macht scha" (geldt macht scha) means "Money does harm." The two men - a mason and a priest - weigh faith (on the left) against gold, with gold outweighing faith. (Catholic church "fee for faith" vs reformation's direct redemption.)


Reverse shows a wealthy man covered in rich clothing and ornaments. Part of the inscription seens to read: “Ich hab die angenehme Kunst Die Machen…” or “I have a pleasant art, the making of…”


OK…this is not much and it could be totally wrong…. such as from the Milwaukee subway system.


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