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I Just Had to Laugh posted by Electric Peak Collection

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at a comment made by a Heritage rep...


I just 'won' a couple lots in the Heritage auction held over the past few days. (More journals to come, if I get the time...) Having gotten once pricey half dime, I had decided not to go for another on my list. That latter one did not sell, and is available as a 'post-auction buy'. Last night, I decided to make an offer on it (and did so). I'll have to wait a few days before they decide to accept or reject the offer.


Since I've been a regular Heritage customer in good standing for quite awhile, they frequently ship my lots before I pay for them. Having won lots and having made an offer on another, there is now the possibility that there would be two separate shipments, at higher total cost. Wanting to avoid that, this morning I called to ask that they not ship until after the offer decision is made.


During the course of the call, the Heritage representative mentioned that I am a "Legacy Customer". Having taken care of the business at hand, I asked what that meant. Her response made me laugh. She said it was because I've been a member since 2003 and have spent a "phenomenal amount of money" with them!


Yes, I realize and am thankful that I have been blessed with a good, secure job, and can afford to spend more on coins than a lot of other folks can. And looking at my purchase records, there has been a lot more coin spending than I thought I would ever do. But 'phenomenal' sounds like a couple rungs up the economic ladder from me.


However much or little your responsible budgeting allows you to spend - I wish you all much enjoyment of our phenomenal hobby and the friends you can make in it.


And how about those SF Giants! Five more wins is all I ask!


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Great post. I would have gotten a chuckle out of that also, but hey, there's worse they could call you, right? lol


I'll cross my fingers that they accept your offer, but I can't root for your Giants. As a Rangers fan, I'm still a little bitter.....


Happy collecting!




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Those little perks are nice to have and a good reward for a valued customer! It does beat having to wait up to 2 weeks for coins to be shipped out.


Forget the debate tonight...forget MNF...Game 7..Go GIants!! (thumbs u



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I llive in the boondocks and can't get cable so I'm on DIRECTV and they have dropped Fox programming. I'll need to stop on the way home for a set of HD Rabbit ears to get the Giants game, this is the 21st century, right!


Bet the outside-affiliatelinksnotallowed on Mars can get the game, DVR the debate, go Giants!

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