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National Money Show

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Dallas, TX


Today was the last day of the ANA National Money Show in my backyard of Dallas, TX. Today was the only day I was able to go, but I had a fantastic time.


The day started with me taking the light rail to the convention center. A nice ride and with traffic from the closing weekend of the state fair, it was nice to not have to drive. When I arrived, I went and paid my admission which included a show guide and a copy of the Numismatist. All the ANA volunteers were top notch great people who were happy to help.


I started my bourse visit by visiting HW Wood insurance to ask about insuring my collection. A quick application and ANA membership purchase later, my application for insurance is on its way. It's a nice feeling knowing that if my years of hard work are stolen, I won't have to come out of pocket to rebuild.


After that, I started wandering around the dealers tables, up one row and down the next. Yesterday, I printed the dealer list and highlighted the ones that I definitely wanted to stop by. Most of my money went to a dealer from San Antonio. He was a very nice gentleman who had a large selection of NGC slabbed coins, had time to talk to his customers and was very nice to the kids who came up to look. As he an I were talking, the chat turned to counterfeit coins and he produced his collection of counterfeit coins, including a "1900 Silver Eagle". It was very interesting to see the workmanship and lack thereof of some of these coins. When I finished looking at them, a man came up and asked to look. When he was finished, he asked to buy some of them. The dealer's answer was an emphatic no; it was his collection and he obviously couldn't sell them because they were not stamped copy and he did not want to stamp them copy. The dealer was a lot more polite than I would have been after the dozen times the man asked to buy the coins.....


In addition to my purchases, I took a look at the museum collection that the ANA brought down, including among other rarities, a 1907 Ultra High Relief St. Gaudens, Republic of Texas Currency, an 1804 Silver Dollar, a 1955 Lincoln DDO, which is the first one I have seen in person. Also there, was the George Walton 1913 Liberty Nickel. I have seen the Smithsonian specimen, but this being the lost brother of the other 4 in the special holder was fantastic to see. Lastly, I saw my first in person Hobo Nickel. Not overly valuable, but each, a work of art.


That's about it. I added 4 coins to my Washington Silver Quarters, 3 coins to my 1934 - 1958 Lincolns, 1 coin to my Morgans and started a Peace Dollar collection (1 coin) and Ike dollar collection (2 Coins).


All in all, a great show. I'll have to check the schedule to see when there will be another ANA convention near me. My goal for the next one I attend will be to purchase something at auction. Wish me luck and thanks for reading.






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Glad you enjoyed the show and it's great that you found one or more coin dealers who were interested in being helpful, not just greedy.

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I'm from Dallas, so was eager to go to this one! I could only attend on Friday, but had an equally great time. I concentrated my efforts on my currency for this show, but was amazed at the collections set up for viewing. Here's a shot of the bourse for those who could not attend this one.


Dallas ANA Show October 19 2012.jpg

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