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okay...more stuff getting cleared out as I consolidate years of acquiring. My issues are your benefits...


1.) Complete ASE BU set-no proofs 1986 thru 2012- all 27 coins to date. Save a bundle on assembling a set coin by coin and at $1050 shipped it should save you a lot on all the fees and postages. Will take $1025 check or money order or $1050 paypal.


2.) 2006 20th Anniversary set- 3 coins included in its original pristine mint packaging with COA--includes the first REV Proof Issue --$330 paypal gift or $320 check/money order


3) 2012 Gold Quarter Soveriegn--smaller coin but with the new gorgeous design. Coin is Proof and limited to mintage at a little over 10,000 pieces...for what it's worth perfect 70's on ebay have BIN's of $1000. My offer is $259 paypal or $249 check/money order


4.) Super Special - 3 Coin 1944 NGC MS67 Washington Quarter Set--ALL three coins housed in old NGC fatty slabs 1944-P, D and S. PCGS LIST: P=$1000, D= $725 and S= $750...NGC values are $350, $325 and $406= $1081 total. These are gorgeous and lusterous coins with solid to PQ grades (ther Denver coin has soft and subtle rainbowed rim toning), should be no problem as CAC stickers in the older, more conservative fatties== $820 paypal and $800 check or money order for the trifecta.


5) 1944, 44-D and 44-S all MS67 RED...NGC list is a modest $131,$94 and $97.50 respectively..No carbon spots, distraction free beauties. Very clear fields, bright red and lusterous ( the 44-P has attractive reddish golden coppery color on obverse).. 30% DISCOUNT and no buyers FEES!!! $226 paypal or $215 check/money order for the set of 3


6.) 5 MIXED HALF ROLLS- each tube with 20 silver halves ( mostly Frankies). A tube of 20 coins is 7.2 oz's of silver== Only 250 per tube and no spot or shipping costs--that is very close to melt cost if anyone wants all 5 rolls I'll sell for $1240 for paypal and $1230 for check or money order *** 5 rolls or 100 pieces = a little over 36 oz's of ASW


......more to come, PM me or email me at jjax462@yahoo.com


here are some pics--again, these are just quick snapshots with my old Sony mavica...also, the 2012 Sovereign picture is a Royal mint photo of the design






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PS: could someone who looks at this PM me with instructions to add all of my pictures in a single post? I only include 5 pics at a time.



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Hey.. Cool stuff you got there!


For the picture problem - you're gonna need an online image hosting account (I use Photobucket and it's great). Once you open an account and upload your pics, each picture is assigned four codes by the website. Using the "Direct Link" code, you can add pictures here to your posts, or to PM's with no limit on the number of pics per post.

You simply click the "photo" icon on the left of the toolbar when posting a message, then on the pop up window paste the "direct link" code of the picture you want to add.

It's simpler than it sounds, really.

You can do the same thing on eBay, by the way. Use the HTML code instead of the "direct link" one - and you can add free unlimited pics to the body of your listing, just switch to HTML editor tab and paste the HTML code wherever you want the picture to appear.

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These offers will be pulled at 7PM this evening.


Please note, you will not find rolls of silver halves ANYWHERE at $34.16 per ounce--plus there are no fees and shipping is paid?


Also note: the gold quarter sovereign is the Diamond Jubilee special collectors edition I've listed is much less ( after monetary conversion) than the Royal Mint is selling these.


Also, the 2006 3-coin set is reduced to $290 paypal and $280 gift..

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