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Latest *new* sets! May 2024
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Hello Ali,


When you have time would you be able to add a few coins to the:


***World Sets - New Zealand - Five Dollars (Elizabeth II) 1990-Date, Proof?





***World Sets - Andorra - Silver 5 Diners, 1993-Date, Proof?





***Sorry, but one last thing. Is there any way that there can be a "World Set - Australia - One Dollar Kookaburra Proof Set"? By itself instead of put in with the mint state coins. Like there is for the Kangaroo Sets.


Thank you as always,


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  • Administrator

Hello, Brett.

I have added these slots. Thanks for your input. I will get back to you on the Kookaburra Proof set request. Have a super day!

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Hello Ali,


Thank you very much for adding those slots per my request.

I tried to add my coins in those new slots and none of them were excepted. Not ready sure what is going on, but could you take a look at them for me? If you need the cert. #'s just let me know.


Thank you,


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  • Administrator

Hello, Dmitry.

Thanks for your interest. I already have those sets on our request list for you. Have a super weekend. :)

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Guest AuroraRarities

I would like to request the addition of two sets:


Spain Isabel II 2nd Decimal Escudos (1, 2, 4, 10 Escudos)




Spain Isabel II Type Set: Pre-Decimal (Maravedis, Reales), Decimal (Decima, Centimos, Reales), and 2nd Decimal (Centimos, Escudos)


Thank you!

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Hi Ali,

I would like to request a set for Canadian specimen 5 cent silver pieces with the 1908, there are only two years of the specimen issues that have Edward VII's right facing bust on them so this should be a very short set.




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I would like you to include this 4 sets:


- German New Guinea (1894-1895 issues):


Date Denom Composition Km Number

1894A Proof Pfennig KM #1

1894A Proof 2 Pfennig KM #2

1894A Proof 10 Pfennig KM #3

1894A Proof 1/2 Mark KM #4

1894A Proof Mark KM #5

1894A Proof 2 Mark KM #6

1894A Proof 5 Mark KM #7

1895A Proof 10 Mark KM #8

1895A Proof 20 Mark KM #9


- Sierra Leone Company (1791-1805 issues)


Date Denom

1791  10 Cents

1796  10 Cents

1805  10 Cents

1791  20 Cents

1791  50 Cents

1791  Cent

1796  Cent

1791  Dollar

1791  Dollar


- Mozambique Countermarked


Date Denom

(1780)  Thaler KM# 45

(1811-15)  Thaler KM# 46.2

(1817-24)  Thaler KM# 59

(1817-24)  Thaler KM# 46.3

(1824-30)  Thaler KM# 47

(1824-30)  Thaler KM# 60

(1824-88)  8 Reales KM# 44.3

(1825-88)  8 Reales KM# 44.1

(1825-88)  8 Reales KM# 44.5

(1827-88)  8 Reales KM# 44.4

(1835)  Rupee KM# 39

(1835-88)  8 Reales KM# 44.2

(1838-87)  Shilling KM# 36

(1840)  1/2 Rupee KM# 37.1

(1840)  1/2 Rupee KM# 37.2

(1862-76)  1/4 Rupee KM# 48.1

(1840)  Rupee KM# 40.2

(1862-76)  1/2 Rupee KM# 38.1

(1862-76)  1/2 Rupee KM# 50

(1862-76)  Rupee KM# 41.1

(1862-76)  Rupee KM# 54.1

(1867-80)  6 Pence KM# 35

(1877-88)  1/4 Rupee KM# 48.2

(1877-88)  Rupee KM# 40.1

(1877-88)  Rupee KM# 54.2

(1881-82)  Rupee KM# 42

1747-54  8 Reales KM# 28

1751-60 Rare 8 Reales KM# 27.1

ND Rare 8 Reales KM# 27.1

1753 KB  8 Reales KM# 30

1760-66  8 Reales KM# 29

1760-69  8 Reales KM# 27.2

1780  Thaler KM# 58

1835  Rupee KM# 52

1840  1/2 Rupee KM# 49.2

1840  Rupee KM# 53.1

1840  Rupee KM# 53.2

1891  1/2 Rupee KM# 51


- East Timor Reform Coinage (1958-


KM# 10 10 CENTAVOS 1958

KM# 17 20 CENTAVOS 1970

KM# 11 30 CENTAVOS 1958

KM# 18 50 CENTAVOS 1970

KM# 12 60 CENTAVOS 1958

KM# 13 ESCUDO 1958

KM# 19 ESCUDO 1970

KM# 20 2-1/2 ESCUDOS 1970

KM# 14 3 ESCUDOS 1958

KM# 21 5 ESCUDOS 1970

KM# 15 6 ESCUDOS 1958

KM# 16 10 ESCUDOS 1964

KM# 22 10 ESCUDOS 1970

Edited by gerrikabeitia
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  • Administrator

Good Morning.

Thanks for your request. It has been approved, and you may see it on the list as this:


Canada---Silver 5C, 1903-1910, SP


We will email you once it has been completed. Thanks, and have a great day.

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  • Administrator

Hello, and thanks for your Spain set requests.

They have been approved and you will see them on our on-going set request list. We will notify you when they are completed.


Have a great day.

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  • Administrator

Good Morning.

We have approved these three set requests:


German New Guinea (1894-1895 issues)


Sierra Leone Company (1791-1805 issues)


East Timor Reform Coinage (1958-



A Mozambique Countermarked Set is something we may consider in the future but not at this present time.


Thanks for your interest in NGC. Have a great day.



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Hello Ali,

I would like to request a set that I am calling "21st Century Extended Type Set, Proofs Only".

Unlike the existing "21st Century Type Set, Proofs Only" it would have all the different reverses/obverses.

So, instead of being composed by 1 Lincoln Memorial, 1 Life of Lincoln and 1 Lincoln Shield, it would would be composed by 1 Lincoln Memorial, the 4 Life of Lincoln and 1 Lincoln Shield.

The nickels would have the Monticello, the 4 Westward Journey and the Return to Monticello.

The quarters would have all the 21st Century Statehood Quarters, the DC and US Territorial Quarters and the América the Beautiful quarters (clad and silver).

The same would happen to 1 Sacagawea, all Sacagawea Native Americans and all the Presidential Dollars.

Of course 2 more Extended Type Sets could be created : the Non-Proofs Only and the Proofs and Non-Proofs.

Thank you.

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  • Administrator


Thanks for your request. Those new coins have a spot in this new set:


Canada - Commemorative

Set Name: Silver $3, Commemorative Issues, 2004-Date, Proof

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HEllo Ali,


I would like to request two new sets using coins that are in odd places.

First, I was wondering if the Canada silver $20 proofs (one time issue) could be adjusted to allow for a newset with a thyeme? the new set being called $20 silver proof - Bald Eagle set.

It would contain:


Portrait of Power

Mates for Life

Returning from the Hunt

Family of Bald Eagles


Also, I was wondering if the same could be done for the SP 25c set in the Canada section?

Instead of putting them all together in the same set, could the set be broken down so that the "colorized bird 25c spiemen" could have its own thyme set?

sorry this letter is so raw, I am trying to make and send it on my phone.


Thank you very much,


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  • Administrator

Hello, Brett.

We have approved your set request. We will add yours to the list. I will send you an email when they have been completed and are available for you. Thanks very much.


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Any idea of when the new Costa Rica set with the Escudo series of the "Indian woman" (1850-1864) would appear in the Registry? It's been almost a full year since it was originally requested.


Thank you, Piefort







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Hello, I don't have the intent to overload this reply but I have a few sets that I would like to request some less extensive than others.


1. Japan 1 Rin Coins currently I have the following dates (1874, 1875, and 1884)

2. Japan 1 Sen coins (1898)

3. Germany Empire Pattern 25 pfennig coins (1908 cert Number 237710-001)

4. Great Britain 3 Pence set (1763)

5. Ecuador Sucre (1934) struck at Philadelphia mint

6. Guatemala 1/4 real coins (1896)

7. New Zealand 1968 Specimen Proof Set complete (cert # 3497601)

8. New Zealand 1965 Specimen Proof Set complete (Cert #'s 3594906-(022/021) & 3594922-051)


On the ore arbitrary sets such as the japan Sen and Rin sets you can be as inclusive or exclusive as necessary to complete these sets, basically I'm only concerned that the coins I listed be present at this time and as I send more in or acquire the other years and varieties I will request them to be added at that point in time.

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  • Administrator

Hello, coinsandmedals.

We are considering your set requests and will get back to you. Thanks for your interest, and have a great weekend.

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To Whom it may concern---


You guys have been trying to get the Canada proof dime series straight for a few years--here is the not so simple series explained.


The series runs from 1981 to current.


The coins were made of nickel from 1981 thru 1995. ( the beginnings of your skewed info.)


The coins were made exclusively of silver from dates 1996** to 2011- 92.5% sterling to be exact.


**In 1996 ( along with the new mint proof packaging), metal content for the dime, nickel, quarter and half dollar was changed from nickel to silver. The set was a "Double Dollar" set with both the Loonie $1 and the John Macintosh silver dollar commem (1796-1996.)


There were also several commem dimes in the series (volunteers, Cabot, etc) but all of the commems were silver and were seperate so that many years had a silver commem and the silver proof from the double dollar sets--you've done an excellent job with listing those correctly.


In 2012 the Canada mint screwed with the basic silver proof set. (If you can imagine the Canadian mint expanding the number of issues it makes of each coin---heavy sarcasm)..For the first time there were 2 completely different proof sets issued. For a few years you could buy the silver proof set with the Silver Dollar Commem being either gold gilted or full silver surface--but all other coins were the same 92.5% silver--there are NO non-silver dimes between 1996 and 2011 !!


So in 2012 they now have a 99.9% silver proof set with fancy gold gilt on the Dollar, twonie and the cent. The half, quater, dime and nickel are all 99.9% silver also but no gilt.


However--- for the first time in 2012 ( and 2013) they issued a completely different second proof set--this one has a plain silver commem dollar, twonie and cent and the other coins are of the normal nickel proof from back in 1981 thru 1995.


So to summarize, the set should be just one single set still--you have created 2 sets out of one and broken it incorrectly by metallic content--which is erroneously broken down anyhow again-ALL of the coins from 1996 thru 2011 were silver proof dimes.


If you insist on splitting the set into varying sets it should be as follows::::


Canada 10c Nickel Proofs 1981-1995

Canada 10c Silver Proofs -incl commems-1996 to current

Canada 10c 2012-current non-99.9% silver


OR----- you could simply return the set to :::


Canada Proof Dimes 1981-current


(and then add 2 slots for 2012 and 2013...one for each of the different metallic content)


Right now it is not only broken up erroneously with the silver dimes start date wrong on the second set...but the set from 1981 thru current is full of silver coins which can't be moved to the silver set.(and again there were no nickel coins after 1995 !!!)


I tried to keep the confusion down as much as possible ( and I've probably failed miserably)--but again, just make a single set for the series and add 2 slots each for 2012 and 2013 for the only years that they made the dimes of different metals...


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  • Administrator

Hi, Brett.


Thanks for the requests.


We already have those sets here:


World Sets: Canada - Commemorative Silver $20, American Bald Eagle Series, 2013-Date, Proof


World Sets: Canada 25 Cents, Birds of Canada Series, 2008-Date, Specimen


Have a great weekend!

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  • Administrator

Hello, Piefort.

We appreciate your interest. Given the volume of requests for new sets, we cannot give a date as to when a new set will be completed. We will send you a message as soon as we complete your request. Thanks, and have a great weekend.

Edited by Ali E.
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  • Administrator

Hello, coinsandmedals.

With the exception of the German pattern coins, your new set requests have been added to our competitive set-request list. Your German pattern coins could go in a Custom Registry Set, if you wish. Thanks for your interest in NGC.

Edited by Ali E.
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