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Bust Dollars and more at www.brokencc.com

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We are back from the Baltimore coin show where we had a great show, and some great seafood. Business was brisk, and we have a lot of new coins coming in from the show. We have just added over 100 new coins to our inventory including some really fantastic new Bust Dollars. Check out our website at www.brokencc.com Featured below are some highlights of our new coins.


1926-S 5C NGC AU-58-------- $3,870.00

1796 Small Date, Large Letters $1.00 NGC EF-45-------- $9,675.00

1798 Point 9, 10 Arrows $1.00 NGC EF-45-------- $4,975.00

1798 Point 9, Wide Date $1.00 NGC EF-40-------- $3,980.00

1799 $1.00 NGC VF-20-------- $2,143.00

1800 BB-181 $1.00 NGC EF-45-------- $7,187.00

1860-O $1.00 NGC MS-60-------- $1,042.00

1893-CC $1.00 NGC AU-55-------- $2,664.00

1894 $1.00 NGC EF-45-------- $2,143.00

1895-O $1.00 NGC AU-55-------- $2,632.00

1895-S $1.00 NGC AU-55-------- $2,085.00

1896-S $1.00 NGC AU-55-------- $1,042.00

1908 $2.50 NGC MS-64-------- $1,853.00

1909 $2.50 NGC MS-63-------- $2,085.00

1911 $2.50 NGC MS-63-------- $1,211.00

1915-S $5.00 NGC AU-58-------- $1,390.00

1848-O $10.00 NGC EF-40-------- $1,042.00

1850 $20.00 NGC AU-50-------- $2,422.00

1854 Small Date $20.00 NGC AU-55-------- $1,264.00

1871-S $20.00 NGC AU-58-------- $1,911.00

1890-CC $20.00 NGC AU-55-------- $1,622.00

1892-CC $20.00 NGC AU-58 PL-------- $4,149.00



Don't forget to visit our ebay auctions where we start most item at 1 cent with no reserve. We are seller


www-brokencc-com www-brokencc-com

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I just went to you site and saw a silver dolar broken in two 893whatthe.gif




and it's still in MS condition 893whatthe.gif893whatthe.gif893whatthe.gif



Thanks for the link I will check it out. Do you take S & H food stamps in trade for the CC gold coin????? flowerred.gif

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I just looked through your Washington Quarter Selection as well as Morgan's and I have to say I saw dozens of coins that fit my collection nicely and well within my price range.



See when you come on listing $1000 and up coins you scare off some of us little fish. I appreciate your follow up post and I can assure you I will be purchasing some coins come payday.



Now what kind of a deal are we going to make on that Split Morgan dollar???



I'll trade you:






This is my pride and joy cloud9.gif

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