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eBay: Coins from Spain, UK, US, Mexico, and Austria

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I'll have more next week.


This week on eBay:


1610 Philip II Spanish Piece of 8 from Rill Cove Wreck


1806 King George III Penny -- almost 200 years old


1885-O Morgan Silver Dollar -- Luster and Super Toning!

1891 Morgan Dollar XF -- Silver Dollar with Character


Very Colorful Silver Buffalo *and* bonus Nixon (2) - silver round + plated medal


1932 Peso, 1953 5 Peso, 1956 10 Peso Silver Coins! (3)

1921 Dos Peso Mexico Centennial of Independence KM# 462


1969 Rare Austrian Proof Commemorative Maximilian I

1969 Rare Proof Austrian Commemorative Mary of Burgundy


Thanks for looking!

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Did the 1921 Dos Peso Silver sell? I am looking for a nice example of one, but did not see your post until now and the coin no longer shows on Ebay.





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Hi Jim,


Do you mean the "1921 2 Peso, KM 462"? It did sell Sunday the 18'th and brought $55. I always have something at auction, but don't usually have world and ancient coins. This week I do happen to have a large (for me) bunch of world and ancient coins. The "1695 Silver Reichstaler - Saxony - Scarce" has the most interest and is an interesting, large coin.





This week on eBay:


1969 Austria Commems Maximilian & Mary of Burgundy (2)


98-118 Trojan, Roman Imperial. Silver denarius.

138-161 Antonius Pius, Roman Imperial. Large and Thick.

235 Julia Mamaea, Mother of Alexander, Roman Imperial.

238-244 Gordien III/Fides Roman Imperial Silver.

253-268 Gallienus Antoninianus. Roman Imperial Silver.

305-306 Constantius I. Roman Imperial Silver.

312-326 AD Constantine I. Roman Imperial.

337-361 AD Constans Flavius. Roman Imperial.


518-527 AD Justin I. Byzantine Gold.


260 Western Satraps Silver Drachm - Rudrasena II

267 Western Satraps Silver Drachm - Rudrasena II

624 AD Sasanian Empire Silver Drachm - Khusrau II

1700-1730 Shah Alam II Silver 1/2 Rupee - Mogul Empire


1897 Silver 2 Shilling - Zar Kruger - South Africa


1323 (Iranian Calendar) Silver 10 Rials - Iran


1560-1574 - France - Charles IX - Silver

1567 - France - Charles IX - Silver

1781 - France - Silver Jeton - New World Money

1612 Louis XIII - Silver


1895 Hamburg Germany Gold 20 Marks - Nice!

1695 Silver Reichstaler - Saxony - Scarce!


Thanks for looking!

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