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MY lifetime haul of cool coins that I have pulled out of circulation...

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Hey people, how's it going? I usually hang out in the comic book forums because I am not a serious coin collector, but I check every handful of change that I get for silver and other obvious coins that I should save.


Here is what I have pulled over the last 15+ years. There are a couple that I have obtained in other ways, which will be noted.


These first four were not pulled out of circulation, but were in a family members safe box that became mine. The one in the plastic sleeve is really dark, almost black. It looks really cool to me.








These quarters have all been pulled out of change that I have received.




As were these dimes, even the old-school one.






As were these nickels






Now the story behind the penny is that my dad and I were walking around outside of an old late-1800's farm house that I used to rent. The sidewalk had a natural 6" earth berm along side of it, and all of a sudden he bends down and starts digging away at it with a stick, and he en-earthed the penny that I must have walked past for years. He can find money like a metal detector, it's really something else.

Hope you had fun reading and looking, I know that I did every time I picked another piece of silver out of the gummints clutches!


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Awesome stuff, I've found many many coins in change. I actually got a couple of 1800's half dollars from a grocery store once. Not something you find everyday, and no, I'm not that old! lol

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Wow! Very cool finds.....

Here's one I found in my change about 20 years ago. (if you don't mind)


This little crusty is one of my favs cause it found me.





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Thanks for not laughing at my junk silver guys! I wasn't sure how they would be received, being that this is a top-condition numismatic forum.


Feel free to post any interesting US coins that you have pulled out of pocket change, include any interesting info and/or stories too!


How about we say no copper or sandwich coins unless they are really, really old, or unique in some way.






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Back in the late 50s and early 60s we had a Security National Bank not too far from our house. Me and my friends used to go over there and got to be friends with one of the older lady tellers. I remember we could get Morgans over the counter all the time. Had I only known what they might be worth today I'd have saved some but being a kid, we just spent them.


Same thing with baseball cards. We used them to make noise on the spokes of our bikes as I am sure many of you other older guys did. I wonder how many BB cards I thrashed on my bike. Sigh!!

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These days, I'm lucky to pull one piece of silver a year out of general circulation.


I used to work as a service writer at a Chrysler dealership, and majority of those customers were elderly and would literally pay with old money. That's where more than a couple of the above haul came from, if I had to wager.


One of the quarters was from my local pizza shop. The owner and I would always BS a little while my slices were warming up, and I guess that he noticed that I always stacked my change to check the edges because he flipped me one of those silver quarters one day and asked me if that was what I was always looking for. He said that he was holding on to it for me until the next time I came in. Cha-ching!! Awesome guy who makes awesome Hawaiian white pies. Of course, he just sold the store and moved down to Florida, so no more of those pies or silver. =(



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