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Question: Including a note with grading submission

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Dear NGC,


I have recently purchased a coin that I want to submit for grading. The coin has a very unique finish (called antiqued bronze), and along with that finish there are clear brushed surfaces. I have 5 examples of the coin, all in mint issued packaging, so I know this is how the coin was issued. My concern is that I do not want to submit these coins and for them to come back in a holder noting "Hairlines" or "Improperly Cleaned". I trust the knowledge of the NGC graders, but this is the only World coin I have ever seen with this finish.


So my question: should I simply include a note with the submission explaining that this is a specially minted coin whose surfaces are "brushed antiqued bronze"? Or, more of a general question, if a note is included with a submission, do all of the graders see that note? I don't want to bias their opinions of the coin, but I also want them to be informed.


Here is my picture of the coin:




Kind regards,


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  • Administrator

Thanks for the question. When a note is written on the submission form it is seen by our Receiving and Verification departments but the submission form is not sent into the grading room because it shows who submitted the coin. After the coin is holdered the form is checked again for any special requests, but this is done after the coin is graded. I would suggest sending along with the submission form (but not attached) any supplemental material you want the graders to see such as any official info from the Pobjoy Mint. That way it can be separated from the submission form and sent to the graders.

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