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Some Custom Set Decisions by Iowa Silver Baron Bammer

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Wild west and modern...


Yes, it seems like when I write journal entries, I write a bunch in a short period of time. But I am going to try now to space them out over the course of the year now and in the future.


I have made one decision on my custom sets. I think everyone knows by now I love the western mints. So, in an effort to make my collecting goals a little more specific I have come to the following conclusion: My wild west series mint sets will contain those silver coins through the Barber series for the dimes, quarters and halves, through the Morgan dollar for the dollars and through the Liberty Head series for gold. Everything newer (in a relative sense) will be in a modern series of western mints. As far as Philadelphia mint coins are concerned, they will be in a set called The Baron's Beauties. These coins will be those that do not reflect my othere interests.


As far as thematic sets go, the following topics will be represented; my Wild Wild West set of course, a set featuring animals on silver and gold coins only, a set featuring trains and a set featuring animals of the world. Also there will be a set covering World War 2, more or less a tribute to my parents generation. There is a story to the animal set, a while back I sent a loon dollar to a member because he is making the same type of set. In the message I sent him when I sent the coin, I whined a little bit and said I had the same idea to do the same type of set but only with silver and gold coins. The member encouraged me to do it, so I thank him for that.


My So-Called Dollars set and the tokens and medals set will basically remain the same.


Photo today is the other side of the Monterey medal from yesterday.



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