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1950-D Roosevelt Dime: MS67+ OR ms67FB?

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It was probably asked before - but I guess there would be a different answer to each date - if not to each individual coin.

I was looking for a nice 1950-D dime for a mint set, and came across 2 PCGS coins, one was a 67+, and the other 67FB.

Both eye-appealing coins, though the 67+ also had very nice rainbow toning on the obverse. The FT was a blast white coin.



might not make sense to all of you but these points helped me decide, and I ended up buying the 67+ :


A. I know that FT / FBL / FS designated coins don't necessarily have a nicer and fuller strike than none-full coins, so although I'd like to have a full torch dime, it's not a must.


B. I admit I don't know much about this series, but I understand that PCGS are not as strict as NGC on FBL & FB designations, and both those coins were PCGS graded. the bands looked just about the same to me.


C. Population-wise, there are very few ms67+'s (and how many of these are rainbow toned..?) and ms68's. 68 price is 10x that of 67, or more. 67FT is not AS low, and the price is around 2x that of a 67.


D. Even though I already liked the 67+ , and it appealed to me more, it was also $75 less than the FT.


I'm happy with the coin I bought.


what you would do? Favor any of the 2 automatically? Look at each coin individually then decide? Rainbow toning or blast white? What kind of a premium is ok, in your opinion, to pay for a + coin or for a FT premium (of this date and MM)


All thoughts and opinions are welcome.





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Its a decent coin but isnt a MS67+. My freind bough tit and sent it back because he didnt like it as a MS67+. Hopefully you feel different


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The 67+ I didn't receive yet. It's in the mail. I will of course look at it closely when in hand and decide if I wanna keep it. If we're talking about the same coin, do you know what your friend paid for it?


The FB I did see in hand and I can go back and buy it when and if I want it.



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ITs the same one. Its a pop 1. he paid $350 so you did Better than he did. The seller just listed it because he just got it back in the mail


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ITs the same one. Its a pop 1.


Doh lol

I forgot about that hehe.

Yeah.. Seller's pics are not good enough. I'd have to see it in hand. I did buy from him before and was always pleased, plus he's very easy to work with.



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