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A Major Reworking of My Collection by Iowa Silver Baron Bammer

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Most of my PCGS coins are going, I think I've seen the writing on the wall.


Before I get into the main point of this journal, I want to thank SPHanson for the trade. If you read his journal entry about finding a 1934 catalog put out by Max Mehl, it is now residing in my collection.


As he wrote, this catalog is a fantastic piece of numismatic history. Max Mehl was a giant amoung dealers of his day, and I feel very fortunate to have this catalog in my collection. For those of you who may not understand why I wanted it so much, there are 2 reasons. First, it is from Max Mehl and is of historical significance (at least I think so). Secondly, if you look at the picture Scott posted in his journal, please note the store stamp in the upper right corner. I am pretty sure this catalog was a counter display, I have seen other examples in different fields of the same idea, at a drug store in Oquawka, Illinois. I live across the Mississippi in southeastern Iowa and Oquawka is not that far away from me.


Anyway, now onto the main point of this journal. I have made the decision to do a VERY MAJOR reworking of my collection and where I want it to go. Probably all of you have figured out I am big into history, especially of the West and railroads.


So, these are the 2 main areas my collection will reflect. While I am competitive, the registry points are of secondary concern to me. Basically, I like too many sets with a limited disposable income to spend on coins. So, since I feel PCGS coins are going to be getting the boot in all competitive sets (sooner or later, does not matter), I will be focusing on more custom sets and currency rather than competitive sets. I will still have some if they fit into my goals and interests, but will not be the main thrust of my collection.


So, I am planning on selling a lot of coins, to help pay for this reworking. I may (if it is all right with NCG and you members) make a custom set for now until I sell, if anyone wants to trade or purchase. Scott and I worked out a fair trade for both of us so I could have catalog in my collection. So keep on the lookout for the set. It will remain on till I send the coins to whatever auction house I decide to use. This may come at any time, so do not dally.


To all the members here especially to my friends thank you for your continued friendship. And to those who I have disagreed with, I look at it as all of us exercising our right to free speech. I hope I have not offended anyone, you all can probably tell I tend to be outspoken. :-)



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Sounds like you are heading on a new adventures which will be giving you a lot of fun and happy times.


I saw SPH's post about the 1934 catalog and was impressed. Glad to hear two great collectors found a way to put it into a family that knows and respects the meaning of it's history.


Best wishes and enjoy life.






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Bammer, I look forward to seeing your custom sets develop.


I have to say that the "custom set" world of collecting was a breath of fresh air for me. Being able to decide for yourself if a coin/medal/token/jeton/etc. fits your set is a great freedom and flexibility that cannot be overstated. For many sets, I felt an obsessive "need" to plug holes in sets, but with a custom set you create the slots as you find pieces that meet your criteria.


Regarding getting rid of PCGS coins. Even if the "writing is on the wall" regarding PCGS coins being allowed in US Sets (as many have surmised), don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are a lot of nice coins in PCGS holders that can be included in custom sets -- and at no effort on NGC's part (i.e., they don't have to check certification numbers or "approve" additions to sets). That being said, if NGC ever decided to get rid of PCGS graded coins in Custom Sets they will truly be doing a disservice to all of us who have spent innumerable hours building our custom sets.


While not an optimist by nature, in terms of NGC's business move to exclude/include PCGS coins in US Coin Sets, I hope they make the obvious correct choice and continue to allow PCGS coins. Until someone tells me otherwise, I will continue to (maybe blindly) believe that NGC has collectors in mind for their Registry, not just "business/politics".






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Hey bammer..let me know what you have that you'd like to get rid of at an even price or trade. You know I'm a sucker for any coin that has eye appeal regardless of series, slab or denomination......

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Many of us do major reworking of collections! Always buy what you like! When I started I got what everyone liked.....later on, I started to stray away from that and just get things I wanted and I'm enjoying it

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