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4 Ancient Coins help

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Posted these a few years ago, but now that I'm out of the Active Army and going back to school to earn my MBA...I need to sell them. However, I don't know the right venue and I can't verify that they are authentic. I can say that I bought them in 2003 in Mosul Iraq when I was deployed there.


So need a little help. How do I get these authenticated at a cheap price and where do I sell them to get the best $ that I can? Or can I sell them here...but at what price?


Here is some saved info that you guys gave me a few years ago:



Coin 1 purports to be an Athenian tetradrachm, but without in-hand examination - or at least an accurate weight - all I can say is that I don't like the look of it and would strongly suspect on the basis of the photo that it might not be genuine.


Coin 2 is a tetradrachm of Demetrios II from his 1st reign, 162-150 B.C. and is similar to SG 7015 - this one I was feeling less certain about authenticity on the basis of the look of the obverse than I was after seeing the reverse - generally, I feel it's probably genuine on the basis of the photos.


Coin 3 is a billon tetradrachm of Caracalla from Antioch, I believe - I don't have a reference from which to give you a specific number on this, but it is generally similar to SGI 2652, with a more youthful portrait.


Coin 4 is an antoninianus of Salonina, RIC V, i 67 "Mint of Asia" c. 255-6 A.D


Coin 5 from Mosul and is of the Lu’lu’id dynasty. This short lived dynasty was started by Badr al-Din Lu’lu when he overthrew the Zengid dynasty in 631AH/1234AD. He was originally a slave to Arslanshah I of Mosul. This coin is listed as in Spengler and Sayles book on Turkoman Figural Bronze coins as number 71 and in Stephen Album’s checklist of Islamic coins as number 1874.2. The obverse shows a crowned female Turkish figure holding a large crescent. The reverse is a Arabic legend in the Kufic -script, containing the Kalima on the second and third lines, the name of the Caliph on the top, fourth and fifth lines. Lu’lu’s titles are in the legend that surrounds this central legend.



not sure which one is which, I forgot. Here is the link to the Original thread: http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1445122


I'll post new pictures of the coins

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