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Star designation on gold

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I've never seen an NGC graded gold coin with a star, or even a picture of one or even a mention of one...but the NGC census says they do exist (just a handful of them)...so my question is...


What does it take for a gold coin to get a star? Gold coins don't really tone, though I've seen them with "original skin" which is to say, very very weak toning. In fact, I have one in for grading right now *hint hint* =0) Anyway, could this weak toning get a star?? I've never seen or even heard of a gold coin with the "wow colors" normally associated with a star.


I would assume a prooflike surface might qualify, but don't you designate PL for these coins?


Also, on somewhat of a side note does the previously mentioned "original skin" do anything for or against the grade of a gold coin?



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Hi Robert,


There are quite a few NGC *(Star) Gold pieces out there. If you click on the Gallery section on the top of our main web page, click on the SS Republic collection on the left side, and the second coin featured, the 1865 w/misplaced date is graded a 64 *.


Awarding the * designation for gold is just as it is for other U.S. coinage, that is for outstanding eye appeal. As far as grading an "original skin" gold coin, I don't believe that would take away from the coin's overall grade at all, and could possibly be quite beneficial on a liner coin.


I would assume a prooflike surface might qualify, but don't you designate PL for these coins?


Yes, a coin with fully prooflike surfaces is designated PL, however, a just miss PL could be an integral plus in the eye appeal department and justify awarding a * designation if appropriate.



Andrew Vickery

NGC Grader

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